Amsterdam: De Overval, protest against the eviction

20150914_De_Overval_AmsterdamCome out to De Overval, Prins Hendrikkade 138, Amsterdam, to give a big warm sloppy old fashioned welcome to mr. Deurwaarder (the bailiff)! Let’s say ‘hi’, and make sure we say ‘bye’ to them too.
There’s coffee and tea and a rain cover, and actually the rain isn’t real too. Solidarity and resistance are! See you on the street.

Update 12:24 The police came by this morning and left after a few minutes! They did not announce a new eviction date but we will keep you posted. Everybody is still welcome for a delayed breakfast, with freeshop and music on the street!!!
Kraken gaat door!
Update 24/09/2015 De overval got evicted yesterday. Nobody was arrested.

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Amsterdam: De Overval lost the court case. OverVal Block Party, September 14th

20150914_Overval_Blockparty_Prins_Hendrikkade_138_AmsterdamLong story made short. De overval, Prins Hendrikkade 138, is getting evicted on 14th of september because the owner is an asshole and because Amsterdam licks the ass to speculants, mafia and tourists. Their plan is to destroy living spaces and our social centre and to make yet another hotel.
Come on the 14th of september, From 8AM, to show your support and solidarity, and to protest against the eviction!!

Short story made long: De Overval, was squatted on February 2015.
The owner, Mister Tol from Volendam, had already sold the building for 2.5 millions to a Chinese company that wants to build another hotel. According to the selling contract the property had to be delivered empty, but as a woman used to live on the upper floors of the building, the selling transaction never went through. The owner tried to kick her out for many years, but her housing rights always prevailed. Mister Tol tried to get her out both with money, legally and then with pressure and intimidation, but the woman did not accept to be relocated. [Read More]

Netherlands: Amsterdam Squatters Gathering, 8 April

20150408_Amsterdam_Squatters_GatheringWednseday 8 April 2015, 20.00

We’re calling out to all squatters in Amsterdam (and beyond) for a city-wide gathering to socialize and discuss the current squatting situation in Amsterdam and have a drink afterwards.
A few things that we could have a chat about are: mobilization, alarms, spokespersons, evictions, legal aid…If you have something that you’d like to bring up or present, please write us at asg15 [at] riseup [dot] net and we will add it to the agenda. Afterwards drinks will be poured.

Kraken gaat door!

Location: De OverVal, Prins Hendrikkade 138/139, 1011 AS Amsterdam [Read More]

Amsterdam: New social centre ‘De OverVal’

overval-openingA new social centre is going to open on the Prins Hendrikkade 138/139: De OverVal! [It was recently squatted in February]

Opening night on Thursday March 5th

Starting from 7 PM there will be VOKU and punk bar

Come by to eat, drink, listen to music, play, chat, think, discuss, dance, laugh, organise, create, and resist the commercialised spaces of the inner city!

workshops, info events, movie nights, free shop, bike workshop etc will follow soon. If you want to organise any activity drop by or send an email: ph138a [at] squat [dot] net


Amsterdam: Prins Hendrikkade 138-139 squatted

The building has been empty for several years. The owner wants to turn the building into yet another hotel. However, according to the city council, there is a hotel stop in this neighborhood since 2004. The neighbors are also actively resisting the hotel plans.

While in Amsterdam thousands of people are in need of housing, speculants and investors with the support of the city council keep on turning the city into a place only suitable for tourists and commercial activities, while sweeping off everything that does not suit their profit. [Read More]