Amsterdam: De Overval lost the court case. OverVal Block Party, September 14th

20150914_Overval_Blockparty_Prins_Hendrikkade_138_AmsterdamLong story made short. De overval, Prins Hendrikkade 138, is getting evicted on 14th of september because the owner is an asshole and because Amsterdam licks the ass to speculants, mafia and tourists. Their plan is to destroy living spaces and our social centre and to make yet another hotel.
Come on the 14th of september, From 8AM, to show your support and solidarity, and to protest against the eviction!!

Short story made long: De Overval, was squatted on February 2015.
The owner, Mister Tol from Volendam, had already sold the building for 2.5 millions to a Chinese company that wants to build another hotel. According to the selling contract the property had to be delivered empty, but as a woman used to live on the upper floors of the building, the selling transaction never went through. The owner tried to kick her out for many years, but her housing rights always prevailed. Mister Tol tried to get her out both with money, legally and then with pressure and intimidation, but the woman did not accept to be relocated.

Moreover, the neighoubours of the Nieuwemarkt buurt are against the construction of the hotel, and they went to court to protest against the permits to build an hotel. They lost the last appeal in April, and the permits were given to the owner.

After we squatted the lower floors of the building, the owner brought us to court, claiming (lying) that the neighbor would have left her apartment on the 1st of August, and that afterwards he was going to sell the property. However, he did not have evidences that the neighbor would leave (because it was not true), and the court case got postponed for a few weeks. Just one week before the first of August the neighbor suddenly died. This is suspicious, but we don’t have evidences to prove that he had a role in this, except for a motive of 2 and half millions. Mister Tol is blacklisted by the government and full of debts. In court he claimed that if he does not sell the building before the end of september he will be bankrupt, and he showed evidences of the banks putting pressure and seizing the profits he gets from other activities.

Since the neighbour died and mister Tol is going bankrupt, the judge decided that we must leave the space empty, so that the owner can sell it. The judge decided that we must leave 7 days after the verdict, and that the eviction will take place on the 14th of september.

We don’t need another hotel. we don’t need mafia people to make more money. We don’t need the city to be taken over by capitalists and tourists. We need houses and autonomous spaces, that are not ruled by the logic of profit but are self-organized by the people who live in the city. We will lose this space but we don’t lose our struggle. Squatting goes on!

Come on the 14th of september from 8AM at Prins Hendrikkade 138, to show your support and solidarity, and to protest against the eviction!!

OverVal Block Party! Join us at Overval’s all day block party to celebrate squatting and alternative community spaces.
Help resist gentrification! ***Geen hotel maar woningen***
eviction date: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th 2015, 8am-8pm
*Prins Hendrikkade 138/139*

Starting from 8 am: try to be there as early as possible!! Breakfast by Guerilla Kitchen and Free coffee and tea. If it all goes well we go on with the program: Games, Music, Workshop, Talks and more. (It will all take place outside)

OverVal Block Party!
-Food by Guerilla Kitchen
-DIY Workshop Bike Repair
-Free coffee and tea
-Free Shop Garage Sale

About Kraakopoly:
Kraakopoly is a board game based on cooperative squatting, fighting the idea of Monopoly by using older existing squats on painted big carboard cards and squatter roleplaying to gather basics like knowledge, gas water electricity, friends and more to finally squat a space and have little party!