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“[B]eneath the surface of that idea – that truism, black lives matter – is an unsettling challenge. What would it mean to create a world, or at least a space, where that actually was true?” [1]

A Cop-Free Zone in Carbondale 

On Friday night a couple dozen folks converged on the local autonomous infoshop in Carbondale, IL for an illegal dance party in the street. In addition to locals, cars arrived from Bloomington, Chicago, and St. Louis to participate. The plan was to throw an unpermitted street party with free food and loud music, and as things progressed and energy rose, to block off the street and visibly polarize the space against state violence with large handmade banners declaring it a cop-free zone.

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Hamburg: New case of cop infiltrating ‘Rote Flora’

This is far from being a first … We learn in a statement of August 26, 2015, that a police agent infiltrated the autonomous area and ‘Rote Flora’ between 2009 and 2012. The undercover cop Maria Böhmichen rubbed shoulders with anti-capitalist activists / anarchists during this period and embedded herself in their private spaces. Under the name of “Maria Block”, she has participated in several international mobilizations over recent years, such as during the protests against the UN climate conference in Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2009, during the ‘No Border’ camps on the island of Lesbos (Greece) in 2009 and in Brussels (Belgium) in 2010. [Read More]

Bedford: The Phoenix pub evicted with new ASBO order after weekend rave

Police have evicted a group of squatters from a derelict pub in Bedford after they held a rave there earlier this month.

Bedfordshire Police were granted a three month closure order on the empty building, formerly the Phoenix pub in St Johns Street, Bedford.

This follows a rave event on Saturday, December 13 which was closed down by police under the New Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2014. This had been organised by squatters who had recently taken over the empty building. [Read More]

Berlin: Updated 3/7: Fight against eviction of squatted refugee school

Note: This page will be continually updated as events unfold.

The school is now in its 10th day of resistance! Scroll down to the bottom for latest news.

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