Calais: Olympics cleansing

People needed on the ground over the summer, many evictions are happening constantly… ‘Olympic cleansing’ is driving people out of Calais making it very difficult for ‘migrants’ to exist here.

We have an exciting new space: a large warehouse for workshops, kitchens, library, bikes and much more…
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U$A : FBI agents raid homes

Repost from ‘Green is the New Red’ about raids on three Portland houses during the morning of Weds. July 25th. One house had been vacant for years, one had been a well known activist house, and one may have had anarchist squatters. The crime being investigated is unknown. Apparently grand jury notices have been distributed to a few people in Olympia, Seattle, and Portland.

As I’ve been reporting on Twitter, there have been multiple homes raided and grand jury subpoenas issued in Portland, Olympia, and Seattle.

Three homes were raided in Portland, by approximately 60-80 police including FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force. Individuals at the homes say police used flash grenades during the raid.
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UK: Report into the policing of protest

A detailed new reportlaunched today by the Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol) highlights how promises made by the police to ‘adapt to protest’ after 2009′s G20 demonstrations in London have been forgotten in a remarkably short space of time and a far more intolerant ‘total policing’ style response to protesters has developed in the UK.
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Runnymede: Ecovillage lives on

In recent days there have been attempts to forcefully remove us from the disused land of Cooper’s Hill in Runnymede, Windsor.

On Wednesday a High Court Enforcement Officer arrived requesting that we leave. After informing him of our intentions he decided to summon six security personnel who proceeded to carry us 40 metres away to neighbouring National Trust land. Once they had gone we returned to the Longhouse and continued with preparations for dinner.
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London: Occupy Nomads – The Inside Story

The Nomadic Occupy group are currently camped in a corner of Haggerston Park, Hackney. Temporary encampments in Limehouse, Mile End, Shadwell, a different area of Haggerston, Hampstead Heath and Ion Square Gardens precede this one. The group has been nomadic since March, shortly after the eviction of OccupyLSX at St Paul’s. This post tells the story of the Occupy Nomads, largely in their own words.
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Berlin: Retirees Occupy Community Centre

Repost from mainstream news: The building was once used by the Stasi, East Germany’s dreaded secret police. But, more recently, it has served as a popular activity center for seniors in a high-rent neighborhood. When local authorities decided to shut it down and sell it, retirees adopted a classic Berlin tactic: squatting. And they’re determined to win.
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Netherlands: Squatting not dead yet

You might think that squatting in the Netherlands has died a death since criminalisation in 2010. But that’s simply not true!

All over the country unused buildings are still welcoming new inhabitants and things are still happening:

  • Whilst things have become tougher in Amsterdam with the new mayor who says a law is a law and must be enforced, squatting continues, with two new places successfully cracked this weekend in the east of the city. You can read the neighbourhood letter of one place, Ringdijk 8, here. It was squatted by a large group and welcomed by neighbours. Earlier in the day, fifty squatters helped to take another building, on Pieter Vlamingstraat 98, which has stood empty for years. [Read More]

Birmingham – Pebble Mill Social Centre evicted

Yesterday morning High Court Bailiffs came without warning, broke in and closed us down. We managed to get most of our stuff out (we’re getting pretty good at last minute evacuations) but unfortunately this was the same day as the Spanish miners benefit gig. However we were able to quickly squat a temporary venue for the event which went ahead without any problems and raised over £300 for the miners.

Film of the bailiffs breaking in can be seen here.

Jamaica: New law coming to ban squatting

Mainstream media reports – The government has signalled that it will be moving to ban squatting.
Minister without Portfolio in the Housing Ministry, Dr. Morais Guy, in his contribution to the Sectoral Debate in Parliament yesterday said the ministry is looking at implementing a modern Trespass Act which will address the issue of squatting.
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Prague: Squat Milada brutally evicted after an attempt to make a one-off commemorative gig

The Prague’s renowned squat Villa Milada, which was evicted three years ago after being one of the most important places for Czech autonomous underground scene, had been occupied by approximately 30 people on Saturday June 30th to commemorate the bleak anniversary by an improvised hardcore punk gig. Even though the authorities were informed that this is a one-off event which is not an attempt to reoccupy the squat for good but a symbolic pointing out of a passive approach of a Czech state to take care of unused buildings and of the oppression against alternative culture, the police reacted with a massive police operation including an aggressive attack against the non-violent concert-goers, which resulted in many bloody injuries and in a temporary arrest of tens of people. [Read More]

Greece: Major crackdown in Thessaloniki

On July 2nd, 2012, an extensive police operation was launched across the city of Thessaloniki, with raids in two squats, house searches and massive preemptive detentions (people were caught even in their private residences, and on several streets, and after few hours were released from police departments), as well as arrests. There are reportedly 25 arrestees, and it is possible that they will be charged with felonies.

Specifically, police forces stormed the anarchist hangout Nadir at approximately 6.30am, detaining people from inside the building. Cops then also stormed the Orfanotrofio squat, also detaining people there. [Read More]