Runnymede Ecovillage (UK): Callout for eviction resistance

Runnymede Eco Village lost the appeal in court yesterday, so now we’re waiting for papers to tell us our eviction date. This site of 24 acres (approx) has been squatted for 3 years [2012 update] and is home to around 40 permanent residents, including families with young children and vulnerable people.

We need your ideas for eviction resistance! We are in a forest, so lots of trees. There is a fence around the site with only three points of entry for us, so expect these to be blocked as soon as we’re off. (security can, sadly, still access the site at the top by the old buildings, and it would be impossible to fence them out).
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Runnymede: Ecovillage lives on

In recent days there have been attempts to forcefully remove us from the disused land of Cooper’s Hill in Runnymede, Windsor.

On Wednesday a High Court Enforcement Officer arrived requesting that we leave. After informing him of our intentions he decided to summon six security personnel who proceeded to carry us 40 metres away to neighbouring National Trust land. Once they had gone we returned to the Longhouse and continued with preparations for dinner.
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