Runnymede: Ecovillage lives on

In recent days there have been attempts to forcefully remove us from the disused land of Cooper’s Hill in Runnymede, Windsor.

On Wednesday a High Court Enforcement Officer arrived requesting that we leave. After informing him of our intentions he decided to summon six security personnel who proceeded to carry us 40 metres away to neighbouring National Trust land. Once they had gone we returned to the Longhouse and continued with preparations for dinner.

Thursday saw another attempt to remove us. This time by three security personnel, two Police Officers and a bailiff. Three of the villagers climbed onto the first floor of Longhouse. Some of the villagers were carried to the nearby National Trust land. After about 20 minutes the security and police gave up and left and we all returned to the Longhouse for a cup of tea.

It is now expected that the land owner will pursue having a criminal element applied to the current civil injunction thereby giving police officers powers of arrest.