Birmingham: Report back from Jellytot StopHS2 courtcase

There are currently several courtcases going on prosecuting Stop HS2 activists, whilst HS2 Limited recently announced that their chief executive earned £659,000 last year, making him the highest paid UK government official. The board of directors got £1.6m remuneration in total … and this was all paid for by our taxes!? Instead of this greed and corruption being investigated, at the end of July young tree protector Jellytot faced charges at Birmingham High Court for allegedly breaking an injunction seventeen times. Defending ancient woodland in Warwickshire is the alleged crime!
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Birmingham: Homeless campaigners squat council house

Birmingham Tenants & Homeless Action Group have occupied an abandoned council house with the intention of handing it over to a homeless person. They’ve contacted the council and demanded that they put the property back into use as low cost social housing and then do the same with the other nearly 12,000 empty properties around the city. Otherwise they have said that despite changes to the law on squatting they will continue with occupations of the other empty properties with the intention of handing them over to the homeless. With 11,924 empty properties, the highest rate of homelessness in the country and an estimate by city planners that Birmingham is currently short of 11,000 affordable homes, putting the abandoned houses back into use is the only logical step

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Birmingham – Pebble Mill Social Centre evicted

Yesterday morning High Court Bailiffs came without warning, broke in and closed us down. We managed to get most of our stuff out (we’re getting pretty good at last minute evacuations) but unfortunately this was the same day as the Spanish miners benefit gig. However we were able to quickly squat a temporary venue for the event which went ahead without any problems and raised over £300 for the miners.

Film of the bailiffs breaking in can be seen here.

Birmingham: New Social Centre

So it’s been a week already! Thanks to everyone who has helped so far and to the owners who have been kind enough to let us stay and carry on with our work. The Pebble Mill Social Centre is looking a lot better already and the building has been repaired up to a great standard.

Please come by and visit us. We can be found on Pershore Road, just up from Selly Oak Tavern on the other side of the road just before the bus stop.
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