Calais: Olympics cleansing

People needed on the ground over the summer, many evictions are happening constantly… ‘Olympic cleansing’ is driving people out of Calais making it very difficult for ‘migrants’ to exist here.

We have an exciting new space: a large warehouse for workshops, kitchens, library, bikes and much more…

Thursday 26.07.2012

Arrests are seldom and few, oppression is high on the eve of the Olympic Games. The Military build a Camp just outside Calais, the Gendarmerie (Military Police), usually only to be seen in the port area rooms the streets, the CRS is with seven Units in town, all in all we have around 750 to 800 cops in Town. Rumours say, see Text below, that we face a major eviction campaign tomorrow or the day after. We have now quite a lot of activist on the ground, so, we will see. The PAF (Border Police) is all week under way. They come in the early morning. Wake people up, not to ask for ID or to arrest/evict them, no, only to ask for their Nationality. Why? We don’t know. Tomorrow more.

Thursday 26.07.2012
Evicted from place to place by the police for more than two months, a lot
of migrants in Calais have found a precarious shelter in the place where
the charities provide them meals, and under the arcades of a nearby
According to several sources a police raid is planned to happen in the
next days in order that the migrants don’t stay in this very visible
place near the harbour, where tourists going to the Olympic games are
going to cross.
You can from now express to the prefect of Pas-de-Calais county your
worry according this information and your indignation in front of this
perspective of Olympic cleaning :
03 21 21 20 00 or

Don’t be discouraged if the person who answer at the phone says he or
she doesn’t know anything : prefects are always careful to the impact on the public opinion and get informed about the reactions.
If you are abroad, you can join the French Embassy in the country where you are :

It is also important that this scandalous cleaning receive a echo in the medias and doesn’t stay hidden.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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