Oslo: Regarding the recent evictions

We in Vestbredden knows there have been questions and a need for an update from our international supporters, after the recent evictions in our street. A lot of supporters have been asking weither Vestbredden is evicted or not, it is important to keep the facts clear and as no international newspapers wishes to cover our struggle ; we must be our own media. There have also been lies about chemical weapons in the evicted spaces.

In the last two months, the entire Hauskvartalet as a whole has been squatted in protest against the sales prospect. The previously evicted Hausmannsgate 42 was re-squatted along with Brenneriveien 1 aka Hausmannsplatz.
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Oslo: Vestbredden Vel Vel, one of the Scandinavian’s oldest existing squat, under threat of eviction

from: https://resiste.squat.net/?p=2927

The living-and-working collective Vestbredden Vel Vel which resides in Hausmannsgate 40 in Oslo, is under threat of eviction.

Oslo municipality are close to ending a long term sales process that, if it is approved by the city council which everything points to, will result in eviction and demolition of Scandinavia’s oldest existing squat.

You are more than welcome to write back if you publicly want to support us or in other ways contribute! [Read More]

Oslo: Sales attempt on Vestbredden, Scandinavia’s oldest squat

November 2014 Oslo kommune put Hausmannsgate 40 (Vestbredden Vel Vel) out on the open market in an attempt to sell the house to private investors. 2nd of March 2015 they closed the bidding round with 5 offers. Recently they decided to give the house to the highest bidder. The final decision will most probably be decided in the city hall the 10th or 17th of June 2015. We have tried to play by the democratic rules until now, without any luck. The whole sales proces are violating the basic principles in the regulation plan of 2008, that is based on the Local Agenda 21. Vestbredden (H40) has been squatted since 1999 and is Scandinavia’s oldest squat. More info on our new webpage: vestbredden.net. We are in big need of support! Come and join us in the struggle – contact us on postbox [at] vestbredden [dot] net. Spread the word – Squat the world!

Norway: Brakkebygrenda under threat

Brakkebygrenda: is an autonomous wagonplace (were trucks, buses and caravans serve as living units) on squatted land, in Gamlebyen, Oslo. We have been here since 1999, Focusing on city-ecology; recycling, less consum, and a more social housing-politics. It is important for us to be an active participator in this city, to claim our rights to have a voice in the development of it, and to prove in action that there are sustainable, functional and positive alternatives to consumerism and apathy. ”

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Oslo: Call-out for international solidarity for threatened Borgen building

Thursday, 18th of april 2013

Borgen in the ‘old city’ in Oslo is a gigantic building which since ’93 has been used as offices for the national railway and later as a cultural fortress with studios and workshops for artists etc. The building has been, and still is a vital part of the borough; it’s a landmark and housing extintionthreathened bats.

The national railway wants to tear down the building with the excuse of constructing a new railway line which could be built underground instead. The former users of Borgen as well as local authorities said no to the destruction of the building. When they weren’t able to stop the process (the Oslo Council Plan- and building department gave permission to deconstruct without a single reasonable democratic hearing) Boligaksjonen (the housingaction) took the baton Friday april 5th.
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Oslo: New collective eko-house


Oslo, freday 5 february 2010,

Dear neighbours, Nordmarka – and Maridal – friends,

Today, we started to live in several of the old houses at Skar in Maridalen, Oslo.

Before there lived 60 people, but now it is empty longer than 5 years and not in use by the owner. Left without control over the environment and deserted.

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Oslo: Press release of the new squatted space Olaf

A new space has been occupied on the 18th October in Oslo (https://squat.net/en/news/oslo221008.html),you can follow the development of the project with information published on the collective’s website: http://www.freewebs.com/olaf2-en

Here is the third press release:

Oslo housing action have been asked, through the media, that the occupation of Olaf Ryes Plass should be withdrawn . We who possess the house are not willing to comply in doing so. Without us the house empty indefinitely.

Neighbor campaign has expressed concern about noise and disturbance in the neighborhood around the occupation on Olaf Ryes space. But as the action neighboring spokesperson Ingebrigt Berg said on the working meeting of the Grünerløkka district on Thursday it has been quiet in the streets since Sunday, the day after the occupation. Without action from the police side, this situation will persist. As we in the Oslo Housing Action expressed in the AU meeting a confrontation with the police in the last thing we want. We do not wish to disturb the neighborhood.

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New squat has been opened in Oslo

On Saturday the 18th October 2008 there was a demonstration and action for better social housing, squatting and autonomous places in Oslo.

This action led to the opening of a new space, a big house (over 35 rooms), in the center of Oslo. (olaf ryes no 2)

The place has been empty for several years, and is owned by Oslo municipality. Our plan is to make it a place for people to live in.

The people who have the “legal rights” to this building have come to visit and aren’t interested in us staying (surprise surprise)

We have sent press releases to several newspapers and radios.

This news flash has been broadcast to you straight from the second floor of Olaf. D.I.Y


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Oslo: The H40/Vestbredden history (so far…)

H40 and the rest of the whole city-block had by then stod abandoned for quite a number of years, but lots of needles and garbage witnessed about provisionally inhabitants.

The years has passed Now there are 12-15 inhabitants at Vestbredden. A part of the building was exeptionaly damaged by leakage and thus infested with fungus. By removing the old insulation (wich was dirt) and put on new floor-boards we seem to have kept this problem at bay. [Read More]

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Visit the Alternative Oslo

Blitz, which is a non-profit activity centre for 21 years, is facing eviction after the Oslo city council has announced the building for sale on the open market, combining housing with todays activities! Blitz has officially stated that the old house will be formally squatted immediately after the sale to protest this lunacy of right-wing politics. Blitz is in urgent need of support! Check out: www.blitz.no If you’re in a band; contact the booking-group for gigs!

Hausmania, which is a big alternative culture-project in central Oslo, housing lots of different art-groups and activists, has become an important contribution to the cultural diversity in the city in recent years. Hausmania arranges concerts on different sizes of stages, they have their own theater, practice-rooms for bands, Humla Kultur & Revolusjonsverksted (a nice do-it-yourself-based info-shop) and a radical cinema called Spis de rike (Eat the Rich) ++++. Check out: www.humla.2ya.com

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Blitz (Oslo) threatened with eviction


  Blitz (Oslo) threatened with eviction


The Oslo council wants to evict the autonomous youth house ‘Blitz’in Oslo. Grete Horntvedt wants the Cafe Blitz, Radiostation Radiorakel, rehearsalrooms, concerthall etc.etc. to move out. After a renovation some youth activities are allowed to find a place in the building but they should be for a ‘broader audience’.

The people who are active at Blitzhuset hope there still is a possibility to solve the problem via the council. If this offers no solution Blitz is prepared to put Oslo upside down The situation in Oslo looks peacefully. This is mainly due to the fact that there are some autonomous spaces. Taking away a very important one will change the balance. Blitz: If we have got nothing to loose anymore we don’t have to fear anything anymore.

Blitz is existing for 18 years now and was given to the people after a squataction somewhere else in Oslo. Since then there has been some attempts to get the people out of the youth house again. Some historical information in norwegian is available at http://wit.no/Doogie/blitz/

recent newspaper articles in norwegian:




contactaddress for the scandinavian part of squat!net: scan [at] squat [dot] net




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Squatting demonstration in Oslo, June the 3rd


  Squatting demonstration in Oslo, June the 3rd


As you might know we squatted Saxegaardsgate 17 on the 30th of march this year. September 1st last year the same group squatted Saxegaardsgate 11. Both these buildings were located in a part of Oslo called Gamlebyen(Old city), more exactly right on the spot where the council has planned a rather expensive medieval-park. The park is based upon the sad remains of the Maria church and the Clemens church, and an artificial pond which marks the sea level in medieval times. Saxegaardsgate 11, 4200 m2 building, was to be demolished to make the clemens ruins accessable from all sides. We squatted and kept it for three weeks during the council elections.

Then we were evicted in a massive police action, and the building promptly torn down. Saxegaardsgate 17 was also cleared for residents during last years winter, and was to be turned into a tourist souvenir shop/café. So we squatted this one too, during some festivity sponsored by the city hall. This took everybody by surprise, and we where left in peace for exactly two weeks before the police smashed into the building and evicted three occupants.


  Tax for the homeless

We planned to re-squat Saxegaardsgate 17, in order to disturb the official opening of the park 13-17th of May. But we where all out of recources. That is why we have made up a short medieval play about a fictious caracter called Halstein Stovelause (Halstein the Homeless), which is performed in the middle of city halls medieval park on a bridge next to saxegaardsgate 17. In the made up saga of Halstein Stovelause, he and his band of men places them selves on the kings bridge to collect a toll/tax for the homeless. And that is exactly what we do upon the bridge on Sundays. The toll and the amount is of course voluntary, but we actualy get quite some money for our organisation from this play. Those who choose to pay their toll to the homeless receive a pass-note as a souvenir. The re-squatting never took place though, and it might be just as well due to the high police priority this building now has got. Some weeks ago we went into Saxegaardsgate 17 and hung our banners out once again. 10 minutes later the place was crowded with riot-police. When they eventually smashed a window and entered the building the cops must have noticed a rather hysterical laughter. And one can only imagine theire faces when they found that the source of this, and the only one in the building with them, was a red teddy-bear with an built-in device triggered by sound. It is expected that the Teddy got a serious beating, before being arrested. On the 10th of May Boligaksjonen was to have an open meeting in front of Saxegaardsgate 17. When we got there the entite park was sealed of with “french fences”. It was counted somewhere between 100-150 police in the area, including mounted police, a K-9 unit and back-up police from another county. All this to keep about 20 people from entering the park. The tourist which arrived and saw this must have gotten quite a correct perception of Norway, the fascist state with probably the worlds most expensive velvet glove. On June 3rd Boligaksjonen 2000 has planned a demonstration march against the free marked housing policy run by city hall, we expect the police to be there to.


Gateavisa Hjelmsgate 3 N-0355 Oslo Norway

Tlf: (+47) 22 69 12 84

Epost: gateavisa [at] online [dot] no

Url: http://wit.no/doogie/ga/



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