Norway: Brakkebygrenda evicted

Brakkebygrenda, previously under threat has now been evicted.

Here’s a short update: The police came on Wednesday June 6th and evicted everybody, towing away most wagons and demolished a treehouse and three barracks. Squatters are currently looking for a new spot.

[For more infos: Brakkebygrenda website.]
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Norway: Brakkebygrenda under threat

Brakkebygrenda: is an autonomous wagonplace (were trucks, buses and caravans serve as living units) on squatted land, in Gamlebyen, Oslo. We have been here since 1999, Focusing on city-ecology; recycling, less consum, and a more social housing-politics. It is important for us to be an active participator in this city, to claim our rights to have a voice in the development of it, and to prove in action that there are sustainable, functional and positive alternatives to consumerism and apathy. ”
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