Norway: Brakkebygrenda evicted

Brakkebygrenda, previously under threat has now been evicted.

Here’s a short update: The police came on Wednesday June 6th and evicted everybody, towing away most wagons and demolished a treehouse and three barracks. Squatters are currently looking for a new spot.

[For more infos: Brakkebygrenda website.]

On Wendsday 6th of June the Oslo police came to Brakkebygrenda at 8.20 in the morning with the message: You have 10 minutes to leave this place.
10 minutes later the whole delta and riot force were upon us. Blocking the street in both ends with massive monster trucks, there were little we could do, but passively resist being removed. After two hours the last of the Bbg inhabitants was removed from the area, being picked down from a tree.
Here are is what the Norwegian media wrote about the eviction:!/video/82957/her-blir-okkupantene-i-brakkebygrenda-kastet-ut