Blitz (Oslo) threatened with eviction


  Blitz (Oslo) threatened with eviction


The Oslo council wants to evict the autonomous youth house ‘Blitz’in Oslo. Grete Horntvedt wants the Cafe Blitz, Radiostation Radiorakel, rehearsalrooms, concerthall etc.etc. to move out. After a renovation some youth activities are allowed to find a place in the building but they should be for a ‘broader audience’.

The people who are active at Blitzhuset hope there still is a possibility to solve the problem via the council. If this offers no solution Blitz is prepared to put Oslo upside down The situation in Oslo looks peacefully. This is mainly due to the fact that there are some autonomous spaces. Taking away a very important one will change the balance. Blitz: If we have got nothing to loose anymore we don’t have to fear anything anymore.

Blitz is existing for 18 years now and was given to the people after a squataction somewhere else in Oslo. Since then there has been some attempts to get the people out of the youth house again. Some historical information in norwegian is available at

recent newspaper articles in norwegian:

contactaddress for the scandinavian part of squat!net: scan [at] squat [dot] net




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