Oslo: Regarding the recent evictions

We in Vestbredden knows there have been questions and a need for an update from our international supporters, after the recent evictions in our street. A lot of supporters have been asking weither Vestbredden is evicted or not, it is important to keep the facts clear and as no international newspapers wishes to cover our struggle ; we must be our own media. There have also been lies about chemical weapons in the evicted spaces.

In the last two months, the entire Hauskvartalet as a whole has been squatted in protest against the sales prospect. The previously evicted Hausmannsgate 42 was re-squatted along with Brenneriveien 1 aka Hausmannsplatz.
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Oslo: Sales attempt on Vestbredden, Scandinavia’s oldest squat

November 2014 Oslo kommune put Hausmannsgate 40 (Vestbredden Vel Vel) out on the open market in an attempt to sell the house to private investors. 2nd of March 2015 they closed the bidding round with 5 offers. Recently they decided to give the house to the highest bidder. The final decision will most probably be decided in the city hall the 10th or 17th of June 2015. We have tried to play by the democratic rules until now, without any luck. The whole sales proces are violating the basic principles in the regulation plan of 2008, that is based on the Local Agenda 21. Vestbredden (H40) has been squatted since 1999 and is Scandinavia’s oldest squat. More info on our new webpage: vestbredden.net. We are in big need of support! Come and join us in the struggle – contact us on postbox [at] vestbredden [dot] net. Spread the word – Squat the world!