Milan (Italy): updates from the resistance against the attempt to evict Brancaleone

January 21, 2020 – Milan: Branca Still Holds Out. Two Comrades on the Roof:
The operation to clear the Brancaleone squat at 1 Piazza Alfieri began this morning.
Despite the cold and the now 12 hours on the roof thanks to being pissed off and the determination to resist, 2 comrades are still on the roof and intend to stay there as long as possible.
There are solidaritarians in the square at the front of the building who are stubbornly refusing to leave the comrades on the roof alone.
The night will be long and cold, but together we will warm it with the flame of our anger that burns to the sound of good music.
Herbal teas and good food await us here and all are welcome.
Some angry and cold comrades [Read More]

Milan, Italy: Corvetto eviction of the Corvaccio Squat and clashes against eviction and police

Riots are back in the town! Violent clashes erupted in 2 different popular suburbs ‪”Giambellino”‬ and “Corvetto”‬ against eviction and police militarization (and by Carabinieri too).

On Monday [17th November], in Giambellino eviction of 2 families from flats. Many people has joined the barricades from the popular houses of the area: barricades, clashes, teargas (head height), cops and people injured, cops run to beat people too!

2 people of the neighbourhood were imprisoned (now free!). After this, demonstration of all people started then (in heavy rain) in the suburb of Giambellino. [Read More]

October 19th: European Day of Action for Housing

Housing for people, not for profit!

We are confronted with a brutal European austerity regime which continues to transform our livelihoods into financial assets for global speculation, which violates the universal right to housing every day, which destroys democracy at all levels and has no socially acceptable solution for the crisis of capitalism. Not only since the crisis it is the poor and excluded who get hit by this system especially hard: un- and underemployed, homeless, precarious workers, immigrants, Roma, students, single mums, and everybody who is not willing to fit into a capitalist mode of reproduction. This group is now becoming the majority of society.

How the capitalist systems plays out in the diverse housing markets in Europe might be different, but the underlying logic of neoliberal politics, privatization and financialization of our homes is the same.
This is why we aim to stand up, to unite our struggles and to broaden our movements. We will not let us be divided by neoliberal politics.

Join our struggle on October 19th!

Milan: Stay Zam

2 gyms, 3 stages, 2 concert venues, 2 bars, 2 offices, 1 newsroom, dozens of sport activities for hundreds of people, 160 m2 of climbing wall, more than 200 gigs, more than 100 cultural events, one cinema and documentary festival, 1 theatre workshop, 1 hip hop workshop, thousands of people inside and through, more than 2 years of occupation and self-management.

Since January 2009 that has been Zam and it will still be there thanks to the everyday commitment and enthusiasm of thousands of people who are delivering to the site their desire of change.
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Milano: eviction threat for the Villa Vegan Squat

In mid-July, 2012, patrols of the carabinieri appeared at the residences of two inhabitants of the Villa Vegan Squat in Milano, to deliver “closure of the investigation” papers related to the occupation of the Squat. The Villa Vegan is an anarchist vegan space that has existed for the past 14 years, serving as a venue for countless events, benefit concerts, mobilizations and ongoing debates and dialogues over many aspects of antiauthoritarian struggle and resistance. The space and its inhabitants have supported feminist and anticapitalist struggles, animal and earth liberation, prison abolition, opposition to the CIE (detention centers for immigrants), anti-civilization movements, and resistance to all forms of repression. The Villa has also operated as an DIY community resource with a bicycle workshop, rehearsal space and recording room, and served as a locus for other forms of underground and non-market cultural production. [Read More]

Milan: A building is not enough!

Hundreds of people are blocking a street in Milano protesting for the eviction of a skyscraper of 32 floors they were occupying. Torre Galfa, near Stazione Centrale, has been taken the 5 of May by Macao, a group of artists, video makers, journalists, immaterial workers to make a new arts center, to strengthen relationships between art and society and protest against abandoned buildings. [Read More]

Milan: Support Letter for Cox18 Social Centre


We are writing to show our solidarity with the Cox18 Social Centre in Milan, and to support the permanent occupation of the space, after the 22-day eviction. We are also writing to support the demonstration which will take place on 28 February, in support of autonomous spaces.

Based on what we have seen on the news and over email lists, we understand the eviction of the Conchetta is part of a wider move to ‘clean up the city’, in preparation for Expo2015. We are experiencing a similar situation in London with the preparations for the 2012 Olympics, not to mention the ongoing gentrification we have experienced for a long time, caused by the expansion of the financial district and the greed of the real estate market. This has accelerated the eviction of social centres, the destruction of street markets, the privatisation of public housing and the surveillance and regulation of urban space. This situation which is shared by London, Milan, as many other cities in Europe and beyond, makes the need for spaces like the Conchetta Social Centre all the more urgent, because they represent and promote a completely different set of values. We support your attempts to take back the Centre—permanently.

To contact Cox18, email: archiviomoroni(AT) or cox18(AT)

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Milan: COX18 reoccupied!

13th/14th february 2009

The COX18 social centre in Milan has been re-occupied tonight !

Tonight around 200 people re-occupied the COX18 social centre, the Kaluska Library and the Primo Moroni Archive that were evicted few weeks ago in Milan.

A demo for the self-management (autogestione) of social-spaces has been called for Saturday 28 Februray in Milan.

COX18’s door is open again.

xoc for Indy UK


Milan: Press release and background

After the recent dubious illegal eviction of the long-standing COX 18 social centre in Milan, a big worry has been the (hopefully temporary) loss of the space holding the amazing Primo Moroni archive. Below, relatives of Primo (who died in 1998) outline their outrage at the crap eviction and bullshit from the Mayor of Milan, Moratti

Milan, 27th of January 2009


Today, we have been acknowledged by the press that the major Letizia Moratti claims to be willing to take care of the files of the Primo Moroni archive and that she is willing to move them in a non-specified site of the Milan’s municipality.

If the major was really even slightly interested in the survival of the Primo Moroni archive, she wouldn’t have sent hundreds of policemen and militarized a whole neighbourhood to clear out the Cox 18 Squat, trying to stop a 30 years old activity and preventing the free access to the files of the Archive and of the Calusca City Light Library.

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Milan: Cox18 is not for sale!!

This morning (22/01/09) a lot of people arrived in via Conchetta to defend the social center against the eviction, then from 4.00 pm in a spontaneous demonstration and call to everybody and to everything to converge at Palazzo Marino, Milano town hall, for a participated and determined demotration for Cox18 and against the evictions.

Feature in continuous updating!

Go to the italian feature:

Facts and considerations about the eviction It’s not correct to read at warm the eviction of the Cox 18, historical social center of street Conchetta in Milan, besides center of the bookshop Calusca and the Primo Moroni’s archives. Mobilization against the eviction is in progress, and the Cox eviction is not a closed fact. The eviction occures on January 22 after a question in Parliament against Milan social centers adressed, on January 21, to the Home Affair Minister Mr Maroni the notorious vice-mayor, and public safety alderman and parliamentary, Mr Riccardo De Corato. Certainly this eviction as well as a value in practice, has a great symbolic value in order to state power of abuse over the city by certain administrators sheriffs in double- breast jacket protagonists of politics based upon evictions of social center in order to support private interest of meddlers and ndrangheta members who see Milan at the center of a vhirl of business for the future Expo. A moltitude of people mobilized this morning since dawn after the first news about Cox18 eviction . After some hours from the garrison of street Conchetta was born a blockage directed toward the mainstreet of the city, stopping traffic of one of the most important metropolis arteries. This morning police intervened under disposition that town hall has emanated anadministrative act (act that has not been proved) in which was signalled the unauthorized occupation of the bulding.

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Venice and Milan (Italy): Occupation of Danish consulates

Tuesday March 6th, 2007 – Venice and Milan – Occupation of Danish consulates

Today in Venice and Milan two actions of occupations of Danish consolates took place to claim the end of the heavy repression held by the Danish government and city council of Copenhagen towards activists who are fighting and resisting to defend social spaces (over 600 arrests, and many activists in custody).

In Venice – this morning – claiming the end of the heavy acts of repression held by the Danish government against the danish activists (700 arrested ,250 of which imprisoned for 2 or 3 weeks), after the eviction and demolition of the Social Centre Ungdomhuset, 80 italian activists, occupied the Danish consulate in Venice. The banner of the activists quotes “From Venice to Copenhagen. Hands off Free Spaces”. The symbol of the Danish consulate was painted pink. After a few hours of occupation the Danish consul accepted the activists’ call to send, from the offices of the consulate, a fax to the Danish government to inform Danish authorities on the protests and demand the immediate releasment of the 700 arrested in Denmarck after the riots of Copenhagen.

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Milan: Demo Saturday 14 october 2000


  Demo Milano Saturday 14 october


This is a document wrote by grrlz and guyz from the student’s lab. Deposito Bulk in Milano, evicted last year and re-squatted at new year’s eve Y2K. It’s a call for participation to a demo in Milano saturday 14.10.00, but also (at least) a supercall for support-on-line. The situation in Milano is getting shitty because of the elections climate: in spring we’ll vote our new major. The actual government is pretty right wing, let’s say fascist indeed and the electoral campaign runs (literally!!) over our squats and our bodies. More, they try to criminalize us for being ‘riot-people’ while we try to passively resist to their attacks, they say we don’t want to talk while we’re calling for dialogue every time we have the chance… The last month saw the mobilization of all the squats that are under threat of eviction in milano (at least 5) for a series of events and demos that were aimed to rise at-tension on the topic: ‘squats-quality of life-safety’ which is a kind of electoral slogan for the right wing bastards, which we can turn upside down in its meaning without changing the words… Now it’s time for direct confrontation, we need the broadest attention we can gather, we do need to feel the support of our fellows around the whole word, because we believe the point is not only focused on Milano… To send support, write a message to : bulk [at] ecn [dot] org or movimento [at] ecn [dot] org

WILL WE WALK ALONE? We don’t fear this scenario but are we sure this is right? We’re used, since quite a while, to the idea of giving surprises and thrills to our fellow citizens: we always tried to carry our way with creativity, giving nothing for granted and always being unexpected. We walked in demonstrations hands up on our heads, we squatted empty buildings in the daylight and publically (even if we were risking jail ’cause squatting in Italy is a crime), we always jumped out of the frame in which someone else wanted us to fit. We always took full responsibility of our choices and actions. What we have today is three evictions in almost one year, and the complete deafness of the city institutions to our calls: we’re part of an urban community ruled by some elected representatives, but is pretty clear that our complete (physical?) elimination from this city would be a dream becoming true for a number of these representatives Who’s the one who refuse the dialogue?? Who’s the one who’s looking for it?? Since years we’re concentrating our time and our energies on the possibility of developing projects, paths of growth and self-training and a web of relationships among different peoples, cultures, genders, planets we’ve always believed that what’s useful to enhance the cultural level of our metropolis, Milano, but also the one of all the other big and small cities ’round the world is openness and dialogue, more than defending our place or ourselves from attacks. But patience doesn’t last forever, we’re not dumb and not even subordinated to the ‘peaceful-living’ game. Time has come when everybody has to play his/her role in the game, taking position and responsibility. The ‘democratic, left wing society of Milano’, people always ready to mobilitate for the rights of the (average) citizen, that we do support as well, is getting more and more silent: this is a dangerous behaviour in front of the hunger of police control, xenophobia and unlawfulness that is seizing with cramps our city. It’s time for a turinig point, it’s time for something strong: who’s gonna carry the responsability of making us loose our temper? Everybody must know that we’re not going to refuse this last challenge of the fascist power that rules our city: we’ll be there this time as usual: united, smart, and most of all really fucked up!! Saturday 14 october Global demo in Milano LSOA DEPOSITO BULK – SQUATTED HOUSES AUS, HATA, MI CASA Contacts, info, support at: bulk [at] ecn [dot] org, 0039-02-34934549, 0039-338-2826191, 0039-338-4323945, 0039-339-2744441