Milan: Support Letter for Cox18 Social Centre


We are writing to show our solidarity with the Cox18 Social Centre in Milan, and to support the permanent occupation of the space, after the 22-day eviction. We are also writing to support the demonstration which will take place on 28 February, in support of autonomous spaces.

Based on what we have seen on the news and over email lists, we understand the eviction of the Conchetta is part of a wider move to ‘clean up the city’, in preparation for Expo2015. We are experiencing a similar situation in London with the preparations for the 2012 Olympics, not to mention the ongoing gentrification we have experienced for a long time, caused by the expansion of the financial district and the greed of the real estate market. This has accelerated the eviction of social centres, the destruction of street markets, the privatisation of public housing and the surveillance and regulation of urban space. This situation which is shared by London, Milan, as many other cities in Europe and beyond, makes the need for spaces like the Conchetta Social Centre all the more urgent, because they represent and promote a completely different set of values. We support your attempts to take back the Centre—permanently.

To contact Cox18, email: archiviomoroni(AT) or cox18(AT)

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Milan: COX18 reoccupied!

13th/14th february 2009

The COX18 social centre in Milan has been re-occupied tonight !

Tonight around 200 people re-occupied the COX18 social centre, the Kaluska Library and the Primo Moroni Archive that were evicted few weeks ago in Milan.

A demo for the self-management (autogestione) of social-spaces has been called for Saturday 28 Februray in Milan.

COX18’s door is open again.

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Milan: Press release and background

After the recent dubious illegal eviction of the long-standing COX 18 social centre in Milan, a big worry has been the (hopefully temporary) loss of the space holding the amazing Primo Moroni archive. Below, relatives of Primo (who died in 1998) outline their outrage at the crap eviction and bullshit from the Mayor of Milan, Moratti

Milan, 27th of January 2009


Today, we have been acknowledged by the press that the major Letizia Moratti claims to be willing to take care of the files of the Primo Moroni archive and that she is willing to move them in a non-specified site of the Milan’s municipality.

If the major was really even slightly interested in the survival of the Primo Moroni archive, she wouldn’t have sent hundreds of policemen and militarized a whole neighbourhood to clear out the Cox 18 Squat, trying to stop a 30 years old activity and preventing the free access to the files of the Archive and of the Calusca City Light Library.

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Milan: Cox18 is not for sale!!

This morning (22/01/09) a lot of people arrived in via Conchetta to defend the social center against the eviction, then from 4.00 pm in a spontaneous demonstration and call to everybody and to everything to converge at Palazzo Marino, Milano town hall, for a participated and determined demotration for Cox18 and against the evictions.

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Facts and considerations about the eviction It’s not correct to read at warm the eviction of the Cox 18, historical social center of street Conchetta in Milan, besides center of the bookshop Calusca and the Primo Moroni’s archives. Mobilization against the eviction is in progress, and the Cox eviction is not a closed fact. The eviction occures on January 22 after a question in Parliament against Milan social centers adressed, on January 21, to the Home Affair Minister Mr Maroni the notorious vice-mayor, and public safety alderman and parliamentary, Mr Riccardo De Corato. Certainly this eviction as well as a value in practice, has a great symbolic value in order to state power of abuse over the city by certain administrators sheriffs in double- breast jacket protagonists of politics based upon evictions of social center in order to support private interest of meddlers and ndrangheta members who see Milan at the center of a vhirl of business for the future Expo. A moltitude of people mobilized this morning since dawn after the first news about Cox18 eviction . After some hours from the garrison of street Conchetta was born a blockage directed toward the mainstreet of the city, stopping traffic of one of the most important metropolis arteries. This morning police intervened under disposition that town hall has emanated anadministrative act (act that has not been proved) in which was signalled the unauthorized occupation of the bulding.

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