Venice and Milan (Italy): Occupation of Danish consulates

Tuesday March 6th, 2007 – Venice and Milan – Occupation of Danish consulates

Today in Venice and Milan two actions of occupations of Danish consolates took place to claim the end of the heavy repression held by the Danish government and city council of Copenhagen towards activists who are fighting and resisting to defend social spaces (over 600 arrests, and many activists in custody).

In Venice – this morning – claiming the end of the heavy acts of repression held by the Danish government against the danish activists (700 arrested ,250 of which imprisoned for 2 or 3 weeks), after the eviction and demolition of the Social Centre Ungdomhuset, 80 italian activists, occupied the Danish consulate in Venice. The banner of the activists quotes “From Venice to Copenhagen. Hands off Free Spaces”. The symbol of the Danish consulate was painted pink. After a few hours of occupation the Danish consul accepted the activists’ call to send, from the offices of the consulate, a fax to the Danish government to inform Danish authorities on the protests and demand the immediate releasment of the 700 arrested in Denmarck after the riots of Copenhagen.

In Milan in solidarity with Ungdomshuset and activists arrested in Copehagen the Danish Consolate is occupied. “Ungdomshuset lives in every city”, it’s the big banner closing the main entrance of the Consolate. The sound system van of the Social Center Cantiere and industrial fences blocked the street and isolated the Danish Consolate.
On the industrial fences used to block the street writings quoted “Work in progress for devastion of freedom rights”. Hanged on the walls and given to passengers flyers marked by “danish consolate” reported turistic slogans and pictures of the Ungdomshuset demolitions.
The consolate car was fully painted in pink!