London: Love Activists Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Thin Scrooge Line — How police, bailiffs, the high court and a mysterious shell company conspired to steal Christmas Dinner from the homeless.

--- PRESS RELEASE on behalf of autonomous solidarity for Love Activists, London. BEGINS ---

‘Twas the night before Christmas, in the High Court of the land,
Where Justice was guided by the invisible hand…
While some with full bellies were nestled in bed;
The homeless and hungry had hopes to be fed….

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Charing Cross, London: Love Activists Christmas project evicted by bailiffs with injunction

Updates from Love Activists facebook page (from 12:30pm), see video from Occupy London:

5o mins: Police are threatening to seize residents’ belongings if they do not leave the premises
1 hr: Police Are intimidating residents and dragging them out,
1 hr : Come make as much noise as possible, police have taped off the street as bailiffs illegally evict love activists from 2a charring cross road
1 hr: HELP!! We are being illegally evicted!
2 hrs: Baliffs have forced entry and are illegally evicted the squat as we speak. They can not produce any paperwork or identification. Please help if you can! 1a charing cross road, london [Read More]