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London: Call-out for court solidarity with those arrested at Sweets Way eviction

JOIN US TO STAND UP AGAINST SOCIAL CLEANSING AND THE CRIMINALISATION OF PEACEFUL PROTEST! Friday, December 18, 1pm Willesdon Magistrates Court, (448 High Road, London, NW10 2DZ) On 23 and 24 of September, the Sweets Way estate was evicted by dozens of High Court bailiffs and 7 vans of London Met police. Nearly a hundred occupiers […]

London: Sweets Way Resists, In Support Of Supporting Each Other

In the last week we celebrated the release of the two Sweets Way protesters who have been held on remand since the evictions at Sweets Way on the 23rd and 24th of September. That the magistrates granted bail without the requirement for the two protesters to give their names or any other details is a […]

London: Noise demo in solidarity with the Sweets Way prisoners this Saturday – cancelled

Update from Sweets Way Resists 15/10/15: “We can announce that today the 2 protesters were granted bail, and they retain their anonymity! We will therefore not be attending HMP Wormwood Scrubs on Saturday…” Let’s make some noise for our friends and defenders of the Sweets Way Estate! During the evictions on the Sweets Way Estate […]

London: Sweets Way Resists. Mostafa evicted and prisoner solidarity needed!

This morning the violent thugs returned to the estate after yesterday’s brutal Sweetstopia eviction and executed their possession order against Mostafa and his family, the final original residents at Sweets Way. Solidarity actions with those arrested at 6pm. High Court bailiffs smashed through the window of the room Mostafa was sleeping in, to forcibly remove […]

London: Sweets Way facing estate-wide eviction

Support needed at Mostafa’s at 6am Wednesday [24th] for 2nd round of evictions! After a brutal day, Sweetstopia was evicted, as was the People’s Regeneration Show Home, but Mostafa and the Sweets Way Resists community house remain. We expect bailiffs and police to return tomorrow (Wednesday) morning and need support. Please come to 46 Sweets […]

London: Update from Sweets Way eviction resistance

There was a second night of clashes between occupiers and security thugs “Dorman & Co” on Saturday night / Sunday morning. One occupier was arrested early on Sunday morning, but released on Sunday afternoon without charge. The situation is tense and occupiers are still expecting a major eviction attempt with riot police that could come […]

London: Sweets Way to the barricades! A big showdown is brewing at the Sweets Way estate in Barnet, North London. High court bailiffs and cop reinforcements are preparing to swoop on the estate in a major operation to clear those defending the homes and fighting social cleansing. Already things have started getting heavy, as a new firm of security thugs […]

London: Sweets Way Resists, you win some, you lose some

Our community house is now facing imminent eviction, we shut down Barnet Homes for 2 hours, a judge told Barnet Council that they can’t use high court bailiffs against Mostafa, and we were told that ‘no county court bailiffs will touch Sweets Way with a barge pole’! COMMUNITY HOUSE FACING EVICTION Thursday began with an […]

London: Thursday, two key ways to defend Sweets Way

We’re fighting in court for our community house at 9am, then doing a lunchtime protest at Barnet Homes to demand decent accommodation for Mostafa and the last family left on Sweets Way. CAN YOU JOIN US? KEY INFORMATION FOR THURSDAY, AUGUST 27: Sweets Way Resists courtroom solidarity 9am – 12pm St Marys Court Regents Park […]

London: Sweets Way Community House Under Threat

Sweets Way Resists, one of London’s loudest housing protests, has come under threat, after residents were issued with a possession claim on the campaign’s base, 76 Oakleigh Road North. The Community House, as number 76 is known, has been a meeting point for evicted families and their supporters for nearly six months. But it is […]

London: Bailiffs sent away! Mostafa still at Sweets Way!

On Monday, people kept a family from being evicted and pushed a council to reverse the decision that would have left them homeless. But we need to keep up the pressure to keep Mostafa and the family safe. On Sunday night, many of us didn’t go to sleep. Bailiffs were due at 46 Sweets Way […]

London: All out for Sweets Way!

In the last 48 hours, everything has ramped up at Sweets Way for what is likely to be a major confrontation between those who believe in the right to housing and community, and those who would see London cleansed of all but the wealthiest. Annington has sent in contractors, Cuddy, to prepare the estate for […]