London: Sweets Way Resists. Mostafa evicted and prisoner solidarity needed!

This morning the violent thugs returned to the estate after yesterday’s brutal Sweetstopia eviction and executed their possession order against Mostafa and his family, the final original residents at Sweets Way. Solidarity actions with those arrested at 6pm.

High Court bailiffs smashed through the window of the room Mostafa was sleeping in, to forcibly remove him from his home today. The eviction leaves the family without a home, unwilling to sign for a property offered by Barnet Homes that he literally can’t get in and out of in his wheelchair. This offer would be enough of an insult, were it not already coming after three years of mistreatment of the family by Barnet Homes.

The family have been attempting to secure additional evidence that Barnet claim they need to house him properly, but have been stifled by bureaucracy in the past week. Today, they will be pursuing alternative evidence that will be presented to Barnet as soon as it is received. The family has until tomorrow (Friday) to accept the current offer or face discharge from the Barnet Homes housing list.

Many supporters gathered to impede Mostafa’s eviction, with several taking to the roof of the house to do so. High Court bailiffs in a cherry picker crane have since physically removed the protestors, one-by-one, arresting them for obstruction. Sixteen arrests of peaceful protesters were made this morning.

We will continue to support Mostafa in this critical moment. We also need to make sure that those who were defending his home feel all of our support for their brave stands this morning and over the last months.

Join us at either Colindale police station (Grahame Park Way, NW9 5TW) OR South Harrow Police Station (74 Northolt Road, HA2 0DN) at 6pm (people are being held at both stations) to demand their unconditional release!

We will not see our friends locked up, while Guy Hands and the architects of social cleansing at Sweets Way are allowed to walk free!