Leipzig: Statement on the demonstration “Uniting Struggles – For a Solidary Neighbourhood!”

In the evening of 5 september, we organized the demonstration “Connecting Fights – For a Solidary Neighbourhood” with the starting point Hildebrandpark in Connewitz.

In our speeches we discussed the processes of evictions in Connewitz and Leipzig. We criticized the new building projects, as they are no longer affordable for many people here and living space is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. As a result, many people who have lived here for years have to leave the neighborhood. Social networks, structures that have grown over the years and circles of friends are destroyed.

We declared our solidarity with the squatters of the last weeks in Leipzig in the Ludwigstrasse 71 and the Bornaische Strasse 34 and read a greeting of the evicted LuWi squatters inside. A speech expressed our solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the so-called United States. We expressly join the Free Them All campaign, which demands the release of all prisoners of the George Floyd Rebellion.

Under the motto “Connecting Fights” we also played a speech of the anti-fascists in Connewitz who were affected by house searches. We condemn the criminalisation of left-wing structures at a time when right-wing cells were being militaristically armed and were involved in the German security authorities. We cannot trust the Saxon police who sell our bicycles, mistreat our young friends or evict our neighbours from their flats.

Around 8:45 p.m. we started with a powerful demonstration from Hildebrandpark through Hildebrandstraße and Dölitzer Straße. We estimate that between 600-800 people took part in our demonstration, which shows that our concerns are being listened to in Leipzig and Connewitz.

In the course of the demonstration participants lit fireworks, this was prohibited by the police and we also pointed this out from the loudspeaker van.

Unfortunately, at the corner of Wolfgang-Heinze Straße/Meusdorfer Straße, a stone was thrown into a flat that we know is occupied.

We cannot approve of uninvolved people being exposed to such a danger!

We can understand the anger about the displacement processes in our neighbourhood, but we do not think that the residents of this house are the main culprits in a more complex development process.

Although we tried to calm down the demonstration in order to finish our approved route, the police broke up the demonstration at 9 pm and started to attack and arrest people in Wolfgang-Heinze Street and the surrounding streets. We urged the police to remain calm so that there were no injured people.

We agreed to drive the loudspeaker car out of the area.

Therefore we cannot make any statement about the further course of the evening at this point in time.

It is incomprehensible to us why the police attacked groups of people who were obviously trying to escape the events. Also incomprehensible for us is the massive police presence during the day in Connewitz. Especially after the events of the last days we felt that the police strategy was offensive and escalating.

We criticise the threat scenario, which was once again built up in advance. It seemed to us that the police were offensively looking for an escalation, because they had the forces available today that were probably lacking in the last days to make arrests and fulfill their quotas. A behavior which unfortunately is typical for the German police and the proportionality is very doubtful.

A more detailed press release will follow in the next days. You can contact us via our e-mail address for further questions.

We wish all those affected by police violence and the prisoners much strength.

Furthermore, we appeal to the press to consider the overall context, to remain critical and objective and not to reprint the press release of the police as is often the case.

Alliance Fight For Your Future, 05.09.2020 (22:00 hrs)

B34, Bornaische Strasse 34, Connewitz

Luwi71, Ludwigstraße 71, Leipzig

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