Crete: Rosa Nera evicted

Following the police raid and evacuation of Terra Incognita, a 16 years old squat in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 17 August 2020, another squat was raided today, (5 September 2020), this time in Chania, Crete where Rosa Nera squat stood ground since 2004.

Following the police raid, hundreds of people marched in solidarity through the small greek island town in the afternoon and held a public assembly in the evening to decide the next steps of resistance.

Another protest is taking place right now in Chania, while in Exarchia, Athens a solidarity demo to Rosa Nera Squat is also taking place. The mass participation in the protests and assemblies is a clear sign of the Squat’s openness and interconnection with society and the people’s reaction to the plans of turning the historic building into a hotel owned by an Israeli company.

More than 2.000 protesters protest last night in Chania in solidarity with Rosa Nera Squat in a town of 55.000 inhabitants. In Athens many people gathered in solidarity with Rosa Negra at Exarcheia square.