London: Squatters and Homeless Autonomy at Building 19

So, far now the security thugs have stepped down after a 15hour siege. The security guards woke us up at 5am and they illegally entered our home. We swiftly acted and informed them about the law and legislation that they should have been following. After we ushered them out they maintained their presence and blocked the front and back doors, denying people access all day. By this time our friends and comrades were on their way to help and together we successfully made them stand down after an intense stand off. Today highlighted that unity is strength and when people stand together we can overcome intimidation and win important victories. We are still here, in this huge building, that before us, sat here dormant collecting dust in the middle of a supposed “housing crisis”. Bollocks to that! The building now is an activist hub and a free home. Free from bailiffs, landlords and the ruling class. We one day hope that all of society will be arranged like this, free from all hierarchy and domination. [Read More]

Leeds (UK): Call out for anti­eviction support for Leeds Community Project (LCP)

The Leeds Community Project has occupied experimental gardens owned by Leeds University and due to be sold for private investment and housing



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Dublin: Grangegorman residents key points on the March 2015 attempt to evict

DontTakeDogThe text that follows was published by the residents of the squatted complex at Grangegorman on 24 March to describe the day long eviction attempt they successfully resisted on the previous day. It was initially published and handed out in leaflet form to people walking by the complex. The words are there own.
On Monday 23rd March, the squatted buildings at Grangegorman, where a community has been living for a year-and-a-half, was the subject of a violent attempted eviction by a large force of contractors and Gardaí. Here is a summary of the situation. [Read More]

Barcelona: La Clandestina, six months of Okupation

Barcelona_La_ClandestinaBarcelona, March 2015

Today in Catalunya, social centers and hospitals are closing, universities deny access to students unable to pay and districts are bought and sold for tourism.
Today in Catalunya, this project has been brought to life as a clear rejection of these practices and as a place to discuss, learn, share and act against an unjust reality.
« In this context, we choose to continue digging as clandestine ants, working in community to set the path of civil disobedience. » – la clandestina squat
La Clandestina is an Okupa created in a building owned by the SAREB, a place that has been empty and unused for too long. In July 2014, a group of people decided to enter and start rehabilitating this place. Doing so, they stand up against speculation.
This 14th of March, La Clandestina celebrates six months of occupation. Concerts, workshops and vegan meal; a nice opportunity to start telling a bit of its history. [Read More]

London: Claim for attack on cop van on the Aylesbury Estate

A crack was formed in the prison wall during the eviction eve demo on 2nd April for Chiltern House, a building that has been occupied by squatters in solidarity with residents in the near abandoned Aylesbury estate, which is earmarked for demolition by Southwark council. A whole estate that is now surrounded by a wall & patrolled by private security* which is all part of the the forced but also self imposed prison society. As anarchists we see the Southwark council, just as our friends who are occupying the estate do, as part of the wave of gentrification that is sweeping vast parts of the capital urban hell, moulding the cityscape more to authoritarian control, pushing the excluded further to the outer reaches, out of sight, out of mind as they say! [Read More]

Brussels: Banner drop in solidarity with anarchists arrested raided in Spain

Recently, a banner was displayed on the entrance of the Botanique tunnel reading:


Signed off: “Until all are free! Death to the state and long live anarchy, now and always!”

Full communique: Brussels Indymedia

Aylesbury Estate, London: Down with the fences

Several hundred people responded to our call-out for an “Eviction Eve solidarity demo”.

Solidarity with the remaining residents, who are still living in the enclosure (aka “First Development Site”), and will be for months to come.

For the past few weeks, the presence of the fences and security guards has made life intolerable for these people.

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London: £140,000 Aylesbury Estate fence torn down

Today [April 2nd], a rabble of around 150 people tore down sections of the 8ft-tall spiked fence surrounding the Aylesbury occupation and other blocks of flats on the West of the estate (see video).

Today was also the day the court hearing for a possession order to evict the occupation. So predictable is the outcome of the legal process, that no-one bothered to pay Southwark Council’s third possession order any attention. Instead they opted for direct action.

The 700m ‘Aylesbury Alcatraz’ fence was hastily erected as a response to the successive occupations of three blocks of flats on the ‘First Development Site’. First in line to be demolished, this area is now largely depopulated. Yet the remaining tenants have been forced to live in the fortress-like conditions, with a large 24 hour security presence and long detours to a single gate in order to be let in and out. [Read More]

Operation Piñata: Five comrades imprisoned, ten conditionally bailed, address for three of the prisoners

Early afternoon on Wednesday 1st April, the judge of the Audiencia Nacional [National High Court] Eloy Velasco, remanded in prison 5 of the 15 individuals arrested on Monday 30th March during the police operation named Piñata. 24 others were arrested during the 17 raids, which took place in Madrid, Barcelona, Palencia and Granada, for “disobedience and resistance”, who were then subsequently released. [Read More]

Rennes, France: Solidarity with the detainees of Operation Piñata

Last night [March 30th] the Spanish Consulate in Rennes, France, was attacked with paint in solidarity with the detainees of Operation Piñata.

“The terroist is the state”
“Fuck Piñata”
and paint against the consulate car.

From Granada to Rennes, active solidarity against all forms of repression. [Read More]

Philadelphia, USA: Attack on real estate firm car

We noticed an OCF Realty car parked in a gentrifying neighborhood in West Philadelphia. OCF Realty is actively furthering gentrification in multiple neighborhoods and has been the target of anti-gentrification actions in the past.

We went out one night last week and slashed two of the car’s tires. This took under two minutes.

Slashing tires is a fast and easy way to cause damage to our enemies and create a small disruption in the timeline of gentrification. This will go quickly with a sharp knife stabbed with some pressure into the wall of the tire. Expect a loud, short hiss once the tire is punctured. [Read More]

London: The Sweets Way social centre has moved!

Sweets Way Resists responds to a predictably unfair legal decision and gets on with fighting social cleansing.

Today [March30] one of the most long-standing principles of British law was reinforced: that private property rights hold greater importance than human rights. A Barnet County Court judge decided to rule against our protest and social centre occupation on the Sweets Way estate, in favour of social cleansing property firm, Annington, even though agreeing with most of our arguments in the courtroom.
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