London: Squatters and Homeless Autonomy at Building 19

So, far now the security thugs have stepped down after a 15hour siege. The security guards woke us up at 5am and they illegally entered our home. We swiftly acted and informed them about the law and legislation that they should have been following. After we ushered them out they maintained their presence and blocked the front and back doors, denying people access all day. By this time our friends and comrades were on their way to help and together we successfully made them stand down after an intense stand off. Today highlighted that unity is strength and when people stand together we can overcome intimidation and win important victories. We are still here, in this huge building, that before us, sat here dormant collecting dust in the middle of a supposed “housing crisis”. Bollocks to that! The building now is an activist hub and a free home. Free from bailiffs, landlords and the ruling class. We one day hope that all of society will be arranged like this, free from all hierarchy and domination. [Read More]