Barcelona: La Clandestina, six months of Okupation

Barcelona_La_ClandestinaBarcelona, March 2015

Today in Catalunya, social centers and hospitals are closing, universities deny access to students unable to pay and districts are bought and sold for tourism.
Today in Catalunya, this project has been brought to life as a clear rejection of these practices and as a place to discuss, learn, share and act against an unjust reality.
« In this context, we choose to continue digging as clandestine ants, working in community to set the path of civil disobedience. » – la clandestina squat
La Clandestina is an Okupa created in a building owned by the SAREB, a place that has been empty and unused for too long. In July 2014, a group of people decided to enter and start rehabilitating this place. Doing so, they stand up against speculation.
This 14th of March, La Clandestina celebrates six months of occupation. Concerts, workshops and vegan meal; a nice opportunity to start telling a bit of its history. [Read More]