Crete (Greece): Interview with a comrade from Evagelismos Squat

Greece has a long history of anti-authoritarian struggle that has provided inspiration for anarchists across the globe. Recently, I spent time in Greece to learn from comrades there about their experiences in anti-authoritarian organization and in particular establishing squats and self-organized spaces as centers of resistance, or autonomous zones. What follows is an interview with Carpe diem, from Evagelismos squat in Heraklion, Crete.
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Athens: Self-presentation video of the Exarchia Self-organized Health Structure, inside the squatted social centre VOX

Exarchia Self-organized Health Structure (ADYE) —psychologist, general practitioner/radiologist, special tutor–child psychologist, gynecologist, speech therapist

The Exarchia Self-organized Health Structure is an undertaking created through a general assembly of residents, social projects and collectives that live and act in the district of Exarchia.

It’s addressed to the local community of Exarchia, doctors, psychologists, nurses, pharmacists, but also to any other resident who would like to help.

Basic activity of the Exarchia Self-organized Health Structure is to offer free primary healthcare, immediate help and psychological support as well as to promote the concept of health for all, without any discrimination for reasons of race, skin color, origin, sexual identity or religion. [Read More]

Hamburg: update on Saturday’s protest


The main demo was scheduled for 2pm, starting at the Rote Flora squat, located on Schulterblatt street in the Schanze district, but there were a couple more calls for street protest before and after this one.

More than 7,000 participated in Saturday’s protest (others estimate a total of 10,000 people) against attempted eviction of the Rote Flora squat, a building occupied for over 24 years, threatened to be sold by owner Klausmartin Kretschmer. Additionally, the mobilization referred to the right to stay for refugees and the Esso houses at the Reeperbahn, but was also directed against gentrification, daily surveillance, and repression within the “danger zones” (authorities are calling parts of Hamburg danger zones, like the area where the Rote Flora squat is located). Meanwhile, in the early hours of Sunday, December 15th, the Esso houses were evacuated by police and municipal authorities on the pretext of danger of collapse. [Read More]

Hamburg: Activists attacked by riot cops during the Rote Flora Squat demonstration


Riot police clashed with 8,000 protesters in Hamburg over the eviction of a social centre in Hamburg on Saturday 21st. Barricades were built and petrol bombs hurled as locals took a stand against gentrification.

This was the culmination of a long running state campaign to shut down the Rote Flora (Red Flower) social centre. Originally one of the few undamaged buildings after the Second World War, The Rote Flora centre was squatted on the 1st November 1989. Over the years it became an alternative cultural centre and a hub for political and artistic endeavours. It was used as a convergence space during the anti-G8 protests in Germany in 2007. The centre hosts flea markets, parties and other events on a regular basis. It also holds meetings for leftist and anarcho movements. It stands for immigrant rights, anti-nationalism and the resistance of the privatisation of public spaces. [Read More]

Hackney, London: New social centre coming soon & statement from 195 Mare Street collective

We are delighted to announce that there is a new home for the social centre.  The new location is conveniently close to the previous building, and will be revealed when we are ready to launch.

There is scope to continue many of the activities that occurred at Mare St, such as free shop, social/info evenings, language classes, reading groups, meetings, art classes, people’s kitchen, queer events, screenings and much more.   Confirmed opening times and the timetabling of activities will follow shortly. [Read More]

Athens: Banner-action at Villa Amalias

The banner reads: “Our dreams will become your nightmares. Empty homes belong to us. Villa Amalias”

Below is a text by the Villa Amalias collective.
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Notre-Dame-des-Landes (France): Letter to local committees, news and coming actions


Dear committees, We are a certain number of people who felt the need to write to you from the movement of occupation on the ZAD. Some months ago, while the eviction threat and works were paused, carried nevertheless by the strength of the fighting solidarity of last autumn, many among us started to entertain the possibility of the airport project being abandoned. We had even started to imagine what could become of this zone in social, agricultural and political terms. While these reflections were crucial and helped us to breathe new life into the struggle and a new sense to the movement, we feel today a regain of tension. [Read More]

Bloomington (USA): No justice, only fire

Ian Stark, a 24 year old man experiencing homelessness, froze to death Tuesday night in Bloomington, IN. In response, 50-70 people took the streets on Friday night with torches, banners, spray paint and fireworks to express rage over Ian’s death. The unruly mob, mostly masked up, was comprised of anarchists, anti-prison activists, students, homeless folks, social workers, and others who knew Ian.

The march held the streets for nearly two hours, covering almost all of downtown. Participants in the march disabled several dozen parking meters, wrote graffiti, paint-bombed banks, popped tires, and distributed hundreds of fliers about Ian’s death, homelessness, and policing in Bloomington. Participants also took the opportunity to run into several yuppie restaurants and rain fliers on the passive diners.
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London: 195 Mare Street evicted (again)

Today (Monday 16th December, 2013), high court bailiffs evicted 195 Mare St in a morning raid. The eviction was relatively brief. Most of our useful equipment has been moved to a nearby location and will be used for projects in the near future. Watch this space for developments.

Amsterdam: New squat on Sumatrastraat 232

Sumatrastraat 232 Amsterdam

HEY! We squatted a new place!

In Oost Amsterdam yesterday the new squat ‘The Swamp” was opened.

We are 6 people who want to use this space to make workshops, cook, teach dance classes and other creative activities.

The space used to be a gym hall and has been closed for almost 3 years. It was previously a kickboxing training hall until government funding was cut and the place was closed and left derelict.

The area is due to be demolished in Spring of 2014 by Eigenhaard but the local people have started a campaign against EVILhaard as the tenants are being moved out and only those wealthy enough for the new build standards are allowed to move back. [Read More]

Amsterdam: ‘We Are Here’ squat Vluchtgarage

On Saturday, the ‘We Are Here’ group of refugees found a new home at Kralenbeek 100 in Amsterdam.

Almost two weeks ago they were evicted from their previous squat, the Vluchtkantoor on Weteringsschans, and some of the group found temporary shelter at the Havenstraat. Since then a group of 90 have spent two weeks wandering through the city, finding shelter each night with friends and social centres. Now there is a new building squatted, in the south of Amsterdam.
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DIY Space for London

With many great temporary social centres having come and gone over the years, there is a distinct need for a self-sustaining, accessible space in London for DIY culture and radical activity: somewhere suitable for gigs, events, community organising and much more. London doesn’t currently have this, so DIY Space for London was initiated to make this a reality.
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