Athens: Responsibility claim for the execution of mafioso Habibi in June

201606_Athens_execution_mafioso_HabibiWe take the responsibility for the execution of mafioso Habibi, who for years now was in the forefront of violent incidents towards residents and regulars in the area of Exarhia, culminating in the murderous attack on three comrades of the occupied social centre VOX, last month. The paranoid character of this specific individual and the ruthless violence he inflicted at the slightest provocation, rendered him a potential serial killer, the fear and terror of the area. The bullying, the theft and stabbings that were included in the repertoire of his daily presence in Exarhia square, gave him the space to pretend to be the leader who (allegedly) no one could dispute. With the strength of a herd of cannibals that surrounded him, but also with the backup of the mafia and police, he acted undisturbed selling drugs and terrorizing the neighbourhood, which was defenceless and unable to deal with him, subjugated to his power and silenced. [Read More]

Athens: Shots Fired at K*VOX Squat

In the early hours of Tuesday, June 3rd, at about 02:30, unknown people fired at least 5 shots at the main entrance of the squatted social centre K*VOX. Two of the bullets pierced the outer metal blinds, shattering the glass front entrance door. [see photo] Luckily, at the time, no comrade was inside the squat.

Lately, the K*VOX —along with residents, collectives and fighters from the neighbourhood— has taken a series of initiatives to act against the mafia gangs and the drug trade in Exarchia, which is carried out with the police’s tolerance and cover-up.
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Athens: Self-presentation video of the Exarchia Self-organized Health Structure, inside the squatted social centre VOX

Exarchia Self-organized Health Structure (ADYE) —psychologist, general practitioner/radiologist, special tutor–child psychologist, gynecologist, speech therapist

The Exarchia Self-organized Health Structure is an undertaking created through a general assembly of residents, social projects and collectives that live and act in the district of Exarchia.

It’s addressed to the local community of Exarchia, doctors, psychologists, nurses, pharmacists, but also to any other resident who would like to help.

Basic activity of the Exarchia Self-organized Health Structure is to offer free primary healthcare, immediate help and psychological support as well as to promote the concept of health for all, without any discrimination for reasons of race, skin color, origin, sexual identity or religion. [Read More]

Athens (Greece): K-Vox solidarity demo, February 2nd

Part of the constant flow of solidarity demonstrations with squats that happen on a near-daily basis across the entire country.

Demonstration in solidarity with K-Vox [the occupied anarchist social centre by Exarcheia square]. Hands off occupations. Saturday Feb 2, noon, Exarcheia square.

Signed by the K-Vox solidarity innitiative
[Occupied London]

Athens (Greece): K-VOX Social centre reoccupied by hundreds tonight

More than 1,000 people at Exarcheia square solidarity concert. VOX, the social centre that was evicted and sealed off by police yesterday, has been reoccupied by hundreds of people in solidarity tonight. People tore down the steel plates sealing off the social centre and as of midnight (GMT+2) there were approx. 1,000 people attending the solidarity concert called by the centre’s collective. There are police forces in the periphery of Exarcheia but there does not seem to be any attempt for them to intervene as of yet.
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Athens (Greece): Major police operation in Exarcheia, K-VOX social centre sealed off

Major police operation in Exarcheia, Athens sees two anarchist social centres evicted; the entire neighbourhood is currently under curfew and cut off by heavy police forces

At approximately 06.50 GMT+2 on Friday morning, heavy police forces conducted simultaneous raids at two newly occupied anarchist spaces in the neighbourhood of Exarcheia: the building at 60, Valtetsiou str and the building of the abandoned VOX cinema by Exarcheia square. The latter had been occupied for a few weeks and its opening event was planned for this Saturday.

It is speculated that the raids took place following the order of I. Tentes, a prosecutor of the High Court in Athens, who launched his career after being appointed in the judiciary by the Junta regime in the early seventies. History, in case it should be noted, does seem to have a peculiar sense of irony. [Read More]