Hackney, London: 52B Well Street evicted

A delayed update!

Last week we were evicted by High Court bailiffs after loosing court on the 30th January 2014. We made various attempts to contact the owners and negotiate an appropriate leaving date, to coincide with work commencing on the building, but the developers had no interest in speaking with us. The papers for court which inevitably led to our eviction was the only sign the owners gave us that they wanted us to leave. All too typical for squatting.

Additionally to the eviction of 52B (including 1 Shore Place, the living space for part of the crew, which included the popular anarcha-corridoor), an elderly lady who had been asked to leave by March 2014 was prematurely evicted, while the final pair of tenants in 52D narrowly avoided eviction, but are still due to leave on 15th February 2014. [Read More]

London: Peoples Kitchen returns to Hackney & Open Day at 52B Well Street this Saturday

Peoples kitchen returns to Hackney after a festive break, continuing every Thursday from 7pm with free/donation based food and film screening after.

So come check out our new home for the social centre at 52B Well Street, E9 7PX, and let us know what you think (or how YOU can make it better!)

A public open day will also be taking place on Saturday 11th January for our ‘official’ opening. [Read More]

Hackney, London: New social centre coming soon & statement from 195 Mare Street collective

We are delighted to announce that there is a new home for the social centre.  The new location is conveniently close to the previous building, and will be revealed when we are ready to launch.

There is scope to continue many of the activities that occurred at Mare St, such as free shop, social/info evenings, language classes, reading groups, meetings, art classes, people’s kitchen, queer events, screenings and much more.   Confirmed opening times and the timetabling of activities will follow shortly. [Read More]