Tallin, Vienna, Prague, Barcelona, Berlin: Solidarity actions with Dutch squatters

Solidarity from Berlin to the Nederlands

While the actiondays in the Nederland we attacked in the night to Saturday (30th to 31th October 2009) the Nederland Embassy with colours and stones.

We show solidarity with all the squatters and activists who fight offensive against the new squatter laws in the Nederland. The strike of the Nederland State against selforganized autonomous spaces is an attack on us all and could not be tolerated. Fight for selforganized autonomous spaces – squat the world! Smash capitalism! We stay all!

Barcelona squatters demonstrate at dutch consulate

Barcelona squatters demonstrate at dutch consulate against new dutch anti-squat law:

Monday 26 oktober 2009

Barcelona squatters demonstrate at dutch consulate against new dutch anti- squat law:

today,a group of 60 squatters from Barcelona held a one hour demonstration in front of the dutch consulate to protest the new anti-squatting law

With slogans and banners in Spanish, English and dutch, short speeches and making noise, the barcelona squatters expressed their solidarity with dutch squatters and their stuggle for a dignified existence. [Read More]

Prague: Action in solidarity with Dutch squatters…

30th October 2009, 15:00

Gathering in front of the Dutch Embassy in Gotthardská Street, no. 6/27 in Prague, organized by the collective of Truhlarska and the Anarchist Federation.

To show solidarity with Dutch squatters, who are facing a ban on squatting.

Truhlarska Collective and CSAF



Utrecht: More than thousand people gathered to protest against the law

A demonstration was held in Utrecht on 24th October 2009 to protest against the law which would make squatting illegal in Netherlands. The law has been voted for around a week ago in the Lower Chamber. It passed through and now, the Senate will give its decision.

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Amsterdam: 30 year anniversary of the Molli

About 30 years ago Squatbar The Molli started to exist. In this year 1979 the number of empty houses reached epidemic proportions and the squatting movement grew as a cabbage. Everywhere in the city squatting bars opened their doors to offer a spot for activists to meet each other. These spaces also offered the possibility to host consultation hours where people were informed and helped with squatting a house. The Molli is, with its 30 years, the longest existing squatting bar of Amsterdam and is still on Monday nights the domain of Kraak Spreekuur De Pijp and Kraakgroep De Pijp.

Of course The Molli revolves around more than squatting alone (read: social housing struggle ). The activities vary in theme, for example, feminism, Anti fascism, radical environment activism to preparing vegan dinners on Thursday evening. The Molli is maintained by a collective of volunteers. This collective wants to offer a place where everyone can feel safe. Sexism, discrimination, racism and Fascism is not permitted.

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London: Resist FreeShop Eviction!

Non Commercial House has received 12 hours notice for it’s eviction after losing the court case last Thursday. At around 5pm an ‘Advanced Notice of Possession of Land’ was received from Marston High Court Enforcement Officers & Certified Bailiffs stating that occupiers are required to leave within the next 12 hours, before Friday 23rd October, 0800 hrs. Come and stay the night tonight at 165 Commercial Street ahead of the eviction or head down in the morning before 8am….

Non-Commercial House is located where the wealth of the City meets the poverty of East End, and the trendiness of arty Shoreditch. It is a project at the frontiers.

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Netherlands: Odds are effectively january 1st all squats in the Netherlands will be up for eviction.

Last Thursday [oct. 15th 2009] the Dutch parliament has passed a new law making squatting a felony. Only the senate still has to vote on it’s passing now.

However, with a rightwing majority, odds are effectively january 1st all squats in the Netherlands will be up for eviction. This will mark the end of an era, a carte blanche for the destruction of our social centers and infrastructure. Not to mention the criminalisation of thousands of people suffering from the housing shortage, for whom squatting has always been a legal means of acquiring a roof over their heads.

An occupation of parliament square during the voting ended with riot cops charging into the tent camp and arresting about one hundred people. Photo’s can be seen on http://www.indymedia.nl/nl/2009/10/62251.shtml (during the day) and http://www.indymedia.nl/nl/2009/10/62308.shtml(the eviction).

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Sheffield: Northumberland Road Eviction


The second site of the Sheffield Social Centre on Northumberland Road was evicted today.

Today at 11:45 the NHS Trust had a possession order granted, with permission to pursue eviction through the High Court.

Two hours later bailiffs were at the door demanding we leave, and gave us two hours to remove everything before they began sealing the building. Several other buildings on the road were also in the process of being sealed as we were packing the stuff into vans, presumably for fear that we may move to one of the other empty buildings opposite us.

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London: RampArt evicted this morning after over 5 years

15.10.2009 – 10:21

RampArt Social Centre was evicted at 5:30am this morning by 45 police, bailiffs and a priest.

After over 5 years and many eviction scares it has finally happened… 3 people and a dog were inside when police attempted to chainsaw the door. They also had climbers going up to the roof conjuring up memories of the raid during the G20 in April. Police are blocking the entrance to all three roads leading to the social centre with vans and their bodies. They are handing out a piece of paper with a telephone number to call to get belongings out of the building. A meeting will happen at Non Commercial House freeshop at 165 Commercial Street this evening, details to follow soon.

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Netherlands: Squatting has been banned…

15.10.2009 – 22:47

A blend of right wingers and christian democrats have managed to push through a ban on squatting, instead of a ban on emptiness. How fucked up is that?

Squatting has been banned in the Netherlands. Fuck know what this means in practise for the thousands of established squats.

The vote passed today in the Tweede Kamer (House of Commons) and will no doubt be ratified by the Eerste Kamer (House of Lords equivalent).

80-100 squatters have been arrested already in Den Haag outside the Parliament.

It could get a lot more heavy.

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Sheffield Social Centre (UK): Eviction and relocation…

Eviction and Relocation
Posted in October 7, 2009 / http://sheffieldsocialcentre.org.uk/?p=71

As reported on Sheffield Indymedia – http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/sheffield/2009/10/439298.html -, yesterday (6th October) at 1pm the residents of the Social Centre at Pisgah House received notice of an injunction brought against them by the University of Sheffield at Sheffield County Court earlier that morning, and summons for a Possessions Order hearing that afternoon at 3pm.

Spokespersons were delegated to attend the hearing and ask the judge for more time to study the documents presented to us, and seek legal advice an representation. At the hearing the judge granted an ajournment until 10am today (7th October) to allow the residents time to study the evidence against them.

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Vienna (Austria): Haus Project’s action week has begun!

3rd ctober 2009 114 Triesterstraße is mostly occupied, though the unprecedented presence of a theatre group initially hampered the entering of the premises we are here with their support and making use of the majority of the very large structure. The theatre group is not going to be back until Monday meaning Saturday’s program will go on as planned.

The future of the occupation and the week remains uncertain but the kitchen is in action, close to 50 people are present and a host of activities from an open art exhibition to a bike workshop are planned. For more information contact hausprojektBLAHriseup.net or visit

http://hausprojekt.noblogs.org (German)


Sheffield (UK): Sheffield Squatted Social Centre Open!

Thursday 1st October 2009 – 10:46

Today a new social centre opened in Sheffield, hurrah!

The last decent social centre we had was Matilda, but that was evicted in summer 2006 by the ironically named ‘Yorkshire Forward.’

Since then, we’ve had a very active branch of the Anarchist Federation engaged in all kinds of social struggles, e.g. our recent resistance against Tesco, a cool paper the Fargate Speaker, but we haven’t had a place for folk to get together and agitate until now!

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