Sheffield: Northumberland Road Eviction


The second site of the Sheffield Social Centre on Northumberland Road was evicted today.

Today at 11:45 the NHS Trust had a possession order granted, with permission to pursue eviction through the High Court.

Two hours later bailiffs were at the door demanding we leave, and gave us two hours to remove everything before they began sealing the building. Several other buildings on the road were also in the process of being sealed as we were packing the stuff into vans, presumably for fear that we may move to one of the other empty buildings opposite us.

Those involved in occupying the social centres at Pisgah House and Northumberland Road in the last two weeks came to the decision that a break is needed, to recover and consolidate our thoughts on the experiences we’ve had. We remain positive and believe that an autonomous social centre is still possible in Sheffield, and will be reconvening again soon to consider the options for the future.

Watch this space.

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