Amsterdam: Permaculture workshop at Swomp4

SUNDAY, JULY 27, 2008

On Saturday afternoon, Swomp4 held their first permaculture workshop, which was well attended by people of all age groups, from both Holland and around the globe. After an introductory talk about the principles of permaculture and biodiversity, there was a question and answer session, and links, contacts and tips were exchanged. There were both beginners and experienced permaculture gardeners present. We learned all about the value of comfrey as a plant that helps to create good soil as well as being a good medicinal herb. The ground is very sandy so the garden will be built up in the shade areas first where the fallen leaves from the trees have already created a bit of topsoil. We also learned about companion planting, and the different ways to attract the bees and other beneficial fauna. Tobacco and tomatoes apparently grow well together. Then at the end we all got our hands dirty in the soil, planting the comfrey. Then the rain came down and watered everything, including us, very nicely. It was a good afternoon. We learned a lot and plan to keep in touch and build on what was achieved, and hold further workshops in the future.

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Amsterdam: Swomp4 direct environmental action

Swomp4 direct action in the Rustenburgerstraat in Amsterdam squats piece of land and starts urban regeneration permaculture project.

On Friday July 11th 2008, a group of squatters occupied this piece of land in the Rustenburgerstraat in de Pijp in Amsterdam. Technically they are wild campers, as the law in Holland only allows you to squat a building that has been empty for one year. Within three days they already had running water and had started to plant vegetables and develop an urban permaculture project. This is direct action at its very best. The land was going to waste in the heart of the city, and these guys are trying their utmost to turn the sandy wasteland into a green oasis. This coming Saturday they are planning a permaculture workshop, and I’ll be posting more details on that as soon as they become available. Yesterday it was inspiring talking to them and listening to their plans.

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Copenhagen: We got a new house!


On the 11th of June [2008], it was decided in their city council to let us take over two buildings in the North western area of the city. 1st of July we started moving in!
We will be using the next moth to get rid of all the communal dust, build a new bar, a stage, activity rooms and spice up the place to make everyone feel at home! We are all really exited about the place and promise that as soon as we are ready to open the doors, we will invite all of you to an opening party and celebrate the winning of a battle! We couldn’t have done it without all the international support!

The two buildings used to be a part of a communal social centre that we will now be sharing ground with.
It’s situated between Dortheavej and Rentemestervej in the North-western part of Copenhagen, approx. 2,8 km from Jagtvej 69.

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Derby (UK): Eviction gets go ahead – Bodge House

Activists fortify against UK Coal mine

The group of direct activists occupying Lodge House opencast site since 18th June 2008 have declared that they are ready to resist eviction.

UK Coal plans to mine 1 million tonnes of coal over 5 years from the site near Smalley, Derbyshire.

The company failed in its first attempt to evict the activists but succeeded in obtaining an possession order at the crown court in Derby today [July 19th].

The activists are fortifying Prospect Farm and have built a number of treehouses and an underground tunnel system.

Sophie from Nottingham said ‘The decision to mine this site was taken by central government against the wishes and best interests of local people and in spite of the council refusing planning permission. Occupying the land is our last defence now that democracy has failed. We are calling for people to join us in opposing UK Coal’s greed and contempt for local opinion.’

Opencast mining is particularly polluting and devastates large areas of countryside. Mining more coal is not a solution to our energy problems as it is a major cause of climate change. We need to reduce energy use and adapt to more sustainable ways of living.

We need help in making final preparations so get your asses here for the fun…

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Or contact us: 07503 335870


Bodge House Crew


Cheltenham (UK): Squatters illegally evicted from abandoned pub

July 18th 2008

On July 17th at 14.00, squatters were illegally evicted from the Duke of York Inn, 315-317 London Road, Cheltenham, GL52 6YY.

The squatters had gained entry on the 15th July through an open window after being informed by local residents that the pub was accessible without causing any damage.

They spent the next two days securing the squat, cleaning filth from the pub area, repairing fixtures, furniture and fittings and repairing damage caused by vandals including cleaning graffiti from the walls. The intention of the squatters was to turn the pub into a community arts centre, providing space for local people to meet, converse and express themselves freely.

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Hackney (London): Squatter’s Protest at Stoke Newington Police Station

18th July, 2008

Two people were arrested as police evicted a squat in Hackney today. Friends and supporters gathered at Stoke Newington Police station to demand their release.

The police said that both people were arrested for criminal damage and abstracting electricity, but they decided not to charge either. One was released, but the other was said to be wanted over a separate allegation in Poland, and is facing extradition.

A flyer distributed at the protest said:

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Finland: Autonomous Actiondays from 29.7 to 2.8

July 2008

Squatters of Helsinki invite you to Helsinki for five days lasting action days for autonomous free spaces, culture and freedom. Although the whole last year the city has been shaked with a chain of occupations of empty spaces to build an autonomous social centre, there is still no permanent autonomous freespace in Helsinki. The city has tried to convince us that they are looking for proper space before the short-term lease-contract for Social centre Rajatila expires in august. Still, it seems that the city has none or is not willing to offer anything. The situation from the squatters point of view is very clear: either the city gives us the space or we will take it.

We invite you to take the struggle back to the streets with us!

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Bath: A new squatted social center has been opened in Frome

July 6th, 2008

New Social Center Opens / Frome Squatters’ Network

The new Social Center in Frome, a short ways south of Bath, is hosting it’s first public event this thursday – the first meeting of the Frome Squatters’ Network!

The Frome Autonomous Zone is a large house on Somerset Road, Frome, which aims to become a fully functioning Social Center as soon we get our acts together. We can offer meeting and arts spaces and are working on a music room.

The center is at 36, Somerset Road, near the junction with Weymouth Road. Just look for the huge banner and the red and black flag fluttering proudly from the roof!

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Larissa (Greece): IKA squat evicted and demolished

April 25th, 2008

Heavy police forces raided the recently squatted building of IKA

On Wednesday morning (april 23rd), IKA squat in Larissa was evicted and partially demolished. At 6am the criminality suppresion police raided the building and attacked those who were inside. They were violently taken to the police department. Part of the building was demolished.

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