Derbyshire (UK): One week to evict Bodge House !

August 14th 2008

Two tunnelling protestors at the Shipley opencast coal site in Derbyshire (Location – Prospect Farm, Bell Lane, Shipley, north of Derby) have been brought to the surface after spending over a week in a tiny hole underground.

The eviction of the protest camp at Prospect Farm began last Thursday, with UK Coal bringing in dozens of police and bailiffs. They originally expected the eviction to last no more than a few days, but hadn’t reckoned with the hardy tunnellers who just kept digging to evade the specialist eviction team. The protesters had been preparing defences including the tunnels, a scaffold tower, lock-ons and treehouses since moving into Prospect Farm in June. The tunnellers’ removal means at least five people have been arrested at the site.

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Derby (UK): Attempted eviction of the Bodge House

8th August, 2008

Hot on the wire. Taking advantage of the climate camp, scum in London and Derbyshire have moved in for eviction… hear one (slightly incoherent report):

Around 7.45am (on 7th August?) about 60 police and 50 bailliffs arrived at the house. Throughout the day the police have been trying to get through the barricades and defences. Local people and media have been at the scene. So far 3 people have been removed from lockons and a cargo net outside the house and have been arrested. 7 people are still inside and are heavily barricaded in, included being hidden in tunnels under the house. The bailiffs have put up security fences and although they have managed to enter part of the building, the eviction attempt has been stopped for today. It is estimated the eviction will take at least another couple of days.

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Resist, exist


Derby (UK): Eviction gets go ahead – Bodge House

Activists fortify against UK Coal mine

The group of direct activists occupying Lodge House opencast site since 18th June 2008 have declared that they are ready to resist eviction.

UK Coal plans to mine 1 million tonnes of coal over 5 years from the site near Smalley, Derbyshire.

The company failed in its first attempt to evict the activists but succeeded in obtaining an possession order at the crown court in Derby today [July 19th].

The activists are fortifying Prospect Farm and have built a number of treehouses and an underground tunnel system.

Sophie from Nottingham said ‘The decision to mine this site was taken by central government against the wishes and best interests of local people and in spite of the council refusing planning permission. Occupying the land is our last defence now that democracy has failed. We are calling for people to join us in opposing UK Coal’s greed and contempt for local opinion.’

Opencast mining is particularly polluting and devastates large areas of countryside. Mining more coal is not a solution to our energy problems as it is a major cause of climate change. We need to reduce energy use and adapt to more sustainable ways of living.

We need help in making final preparations so get your asses here for the fun…

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