Finland: Autonomous Actiondays from 29.7 to 2.8

July 2008

Squatters of Helsinki invite you to Helsinki for five days lasting action days for autonomous free spaces, culture and freedom. Although the whole last year the city has been shaked with a chain of occupations of empty spaces to build an autonomous social centre, there is still no permanent autonomous freespace in Helsinki. The city has tried to convince us that they are looking for proper space before the short-term lease-contract for Social centre Rajatila expires in august. Still, it seems that the city has none or is not willing to offer anything. The situation from the squatters point of view is very clear: either the city gives us the space or we will take it.

We invite you to take the struggle back to the streets with us!

During the five days we are going to bring forth different sides of autonomous activity. These days will be filled with concerts, workshops, discussions and also demonstrations and direct action. It is time for the city of Helsinki to understand that the struggle for autonomous spaces is not going to end.

Year 2008 has brought great victories for the movement for freespaces, when the Ungeren in Copenhagen finally got new spaces after Ungdomshuset was evicted and demolished, and the struggle for Køpi in Berlin achieved 30 more years for the house. We want to give our own add for the international struggle for autonomous spaces. We wish for your help and potential in this battle that we want to bring forth during the actiondays.

The passed year has shown that united we are unbeatable! No more evictions! For radical autonomous freespaces!

If you’re coming to Helsinki for the actiondays, please inform us how many people are coming. We are able to accommodate people in the Autonomous Social Center Rajatila and we attempt to offer at least one warm meal in a day. We are also going to arrange a conversation between foreign and Finnish squatters, so if you want to brief about your own experiences, we would really appreciate that and be happy if you could contact us beforehand. You can announce yourself by sending an email to actiondays [at]

Introductive schedule for actiondays:

28.7. General Info at Rajatila
29.7. Autonomous Actiondays begin!
Streetparty for autonomous cultural activity, concert
30.7. Workshops: banner-painting, legal aid, police tactics, street medic, conversation occasion with the visitors
31.7 Demonstration for Radical freespaces – Social center NOW! Concert in the evening
1.8. Workshops: police tactics, conversation occasion with the visitors
2.8. The end of actiondays: Reclaim the city, party in the evening

There will also be surprises for every day. We hope that you are able to join the info at 28.7.

The struggle continues!

sosiaalikeskushki [AT]