Bath (UK): New address for the Black Cat social centre

20 feb. 2010

Hi All !

Just to let you know that Bath’s premiere occupied community social centre, the Black Cat Centre is now happily settled in to its new home, and the address is:

Unit 3A
Riverside Business Park
Lower Bristol Road

The best way to spot the place is looking for a red door opposite Pickfords on Lower Bristol Road, although we’ll have a Black Cat sign up soon.

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Bath (UK): Free film night at Black Cat Occupied Social Centre, november 13th 2009

Friday the 13th sees Baths newest occupied social centre, The Black Cat open its doors for a free film nite.

This Friday (13th), starting at around 7, the Black Cat social centre in Bath will open its doors for a free film and dinner night (suggested donations on the nosh).
There are a wide range of films on offer, and we will collectively decide what to watch on the night.

You can find the Black cat centre at:
Kelso Court
7-10 Kelso Place
Upper Bristol Rd

It is a massive space with loads of potential, and we are happy for people to crash after the film night.

We also run regular self-defence workshops, a samba dancing class, a radical library, a freeshop and much more.

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Bath: Illegal evicition of a new squat

On Monday the 9th February, at 2.15pm, British Transport Police & Bath constabulary conspired to commit an illegal eviction of a new short-lived squat on the edge of Twerton, in Bath.

The former Twerton-on-Avon railway station fell out of use in 1917, and was briefly the site of Andromeda Gardening Services owned by R. Potter. R. Potter was arrested and found guilty of a huge cannibis growing operation in the loft of the building in 2003, and was believed to have been forced to sell the property to pay off the fine. The building was later occupied by European squatters in 2006 & 2007, whom the local residents mistakenly assumed were the cannibis dealers. Contending with that and confusing the issue, Network Rail also claimed squatters’ rights to the building, and their twelve years’ were due to be up in August 2008, except for the intervention of our European friends.

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Bath: A new squatted social center has been opened in Frome

July 6th, 2008

New Social Center Opens / Frome Squatters’ Network

The new Social Center in Frome, a short ways south of Bath, is hosting it’s first public event this thursday – the first meeting of the Frome Squatters’ Network!

The Frome Autonomous Zone is a large house on Somerset Road, Frome, which aims to become a fully functioning Social Center as soon we get our acts together. We can offer meeting and arts spaces and are working on a music room.

The center is at 36, Somerset Road, near the junction with Weymouth Road. Just look for the huge banner and the red and black flag fluttering proudly from the roof!

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