Amsterdam: Permaculture workshop at Swomp4

SUNDAY, JULY 27, 2008

On Saturday afternoon, Swomp4 held their first permaculture workshop, which was well attended by people of all age groups, from both Holland and around the globe. After an introductory talk about the principles of permaculture and biodiversity, there was a question and answer session, and links, contacts and tips were exchanged. There were both beginners and experienced permaculture gardeners present. We learned all about the value of comfrey as a plant that helps to create good soil as well as being a good medicinal herb. The ground is very sandy so the garden will be built up in the shade areas first where the fallen leaves from the trees have already created a bit of topsoil. We also learned about companion planting, and the different ways to attract the bees and other beneficial fauna. Tobacco and tomatoes apparently grow well together. Then at the end we all got our hands dirty in the soil, planting the comfrey. Then the rain came down and watered everything, including us, very nicely. It was a good afternoon. We learned a lot and plan to keep in touch and build on what was achieved, and hold further workshops in the future.

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