Ladronka (Praha) evicted


  Ladronka (Praha) evicted


The Prague squat LADRONKA is being evicted. Police arrived Thursday morning November 9 at 7:00 am. Currently, there are four people on the roof and four have been arrested. It looks as if they will be charged with using unregistered electricity and telephone. It is strongly believed that this eviction comes in the wake of the recent protest in Prague of the IMF and World Bank annual meetings. With the new police legitimacy incurred in the public opinion, they appear to be attempting to repress activism in the Czech Republic. There 30 people already supporting squatters from outside Ladronka and more are coming.

Any assistance you may be able to provide is requested. Solidarity actions are welcomed. Contact zemepredevsim [at] ecn [dot] cz




Prague (Czech republic): Ladronka threathened by eviction

A call for ACTION: After six year of occupying the most famous and oldest squat in Czech Republic – LADRONKA, there is serious danger of eviction.The city of Prague sold the squat Ladronka to company Sante s.r.o., who wants to rebuild this house to luxury hospital for elite. Last chance to save this place is to do interational actions of solidarity
Squatters are calling for actions at Czech embassy all over the Globe. There is growing represion in Prague, becouse of meeting of IMF and World Bank next year (2000) in Prague. Please support our struggle. [Read More]