Cardiff: Gower Pub squatters resist eviction

Squatters and supporters at the Gower Pub in Cathays today [November 21st] successfully resisted an eviction attempt. The squatters were told that they were about to commit a criminal offence by staying in the building as an Interim Position Order had been granted by the County Court. The squatters pointed out that the IPO was invalid as there were at least 4 mistakes. This was after the court case the day before in which mistakes in the paperwork were admitted by the judge and the solicitor was asked to take the stand to give evidence under oath to support their claim to the building. [Read More]

Cardiff: Statement from Squat50

We are currently occupying the Sixth Form College Building on Newport Road, and transforming it into a space for the community to use. We have been working towards an open day to show people the work we have done and explain what we are about.

We are doing all this on a tiny budget and learning as we are going. Our lives aren’t perfect and our project might not be perfect but we’re building together, putting aside our differences, like we hope everyone can, and creating something beautiful, unique and community based.
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Cardiff (Wales): The Red and Black Umbrella Collective invite you to their festive Two Year Anniversary

If you’re organised enough to carry ’round a diary (I am definitely not) penciling in the
1st AND 2nd of November is highly advisable as it will see our first festival!

two day event ending on the 2nd November to celebrate 2 YEARS of the occupied building in Cardiff. Easy enough to remember, right?

Beginning as a vague plan to host an Anarcho-Folk festival in Cardiff; the event has now evolved into a two day celebration of the ‘Brolly.
The space it has provided us has been invaluable to many, so we invite anyone and everybody who has shared the space with us to come, in particular any guests we have had to stay, musicians who’ve played and individuals who’ve led any lessons or workshops. Please come and celebrate with us! [Read More]

Cardiff (Wales): Canton police station evicted

Photos and videos of Canton police station and the eviction resistance.

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Cardiff (Wales): Solidarity with squats under attack in Greece and raids in Berlin from ACAB

On August 5th cops in Greece continued their campaign of repression against squats by raiding three squatted spaces in Patras: Parartima, Maragopouleio and the Self-managed Hangout inside the Technological Educational Institute (TEI). 16 comrades were detained in total; 5 squatters and 11 supporters.

While those showing solidarity were later released, the 5 occupants faced charges in court on the 13th. Therefore the next day we painted a banner to express our solidarity with squatters facing charges and evicted from their homes.

Additionally today we hung another banner to show solidarity with the squat Rigaer 94 and all those arrested during raids in Berlin on the 14th. The raids were supposedly related to arson attacks of various job centres and a Molotov attack against police, in solidarity with the revolts in Turkey after the eviction of Gezi Park in Istanbul. [Read More]

Cardiff (Wales): Prison squat resists eviction from High Court bailiffs

On Thursday 8th August, at approximately 10am, High Court bailiffs showed up to join United Welsh representatives, police and contractors booked to secure buildings, in an attempt to evict Rumpoles, Moira Terrace, Cardiff, CF24 0NE (aka: prison squat / 0ne squat). By 12pm, without even attempting to enter, they left the occupiers in possession of the building.

At 9:30am the first few supporters started arriving outside, while some squatters took to the peak of the roof. The outside had been barricaded with furniture, gas bottles, compressed air canisters and a piano, while the inside was  well secured. A ‘Fire 2 the prisons’ banner had also been dropped from the windows the night before, during significant disturbances within Cardiff prison over the road. [Read More]

Cardiff (Wales): ACAB take over Canton Police Station

In the early hours of Sunday morning, we entered and occupied Canton Police Station. We did not ask for permission, as it is our legal right to do so. Given Cardiff Police abandoned the building over a year ago, kindly leaving twelve different open windows for us to choose our entrance from, permission seemed a bit of a formality anyway.

We squat because we believe that corporations and landlords have no right to hold property empty for their own profit while people less lucky are homeless, that people should not have to sell their freedom to employers or jump through government hoops to put a roof over their heads, and that the police should not be allowed to act as hired muscle for the rich and powerful, consistently ignoring, abusing and outright breaking the law to maintain the interests of the ruling classes. [Read More]

Cardiff (Wales): Squatters & travellers host workshop & skillshare after forming network

Hello, we exist now. A network of squatters, travellers, the unrooted, homeless people, and supporters.

We’re now meeting monthly and are hosting our first event, a Squatters/Travellers Workshop & Skillshare on Thursday 20th December at 3pm, at the Red & Black Umbrella.

This will be an hour discussing the law around squatting, recent changes, and how to still squat legally in commercial  buildings and on land. Followed by another hour skill-sharing how to occupy and secure spaces to live in/on.

We are currently organising events, planning projects, plotting against further criminalisation, setting up a squatters estate agents, and creating a support network for people currently squatting and for others interested in doing so.

Contact us at cardiffsquatters [at] riseup [dot] net to get involved.
Find us at to stay updated.
Love & Rage!

See also: Squatters form city-wide network – South Wales Echo

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Cardiff: Squatters vs Keylet at the Bute Dock Hotel

On Tuesday 20th November we made our presence known to Keylet, owners of the Bute Dock Hotel and the largest estate agents (property racketeers) in Cardiff, that we had squatted their pub, on West Bute St, Cardiff Bay.

Two people from our welcoming committee of a dozen visited the executive offices at around 10am, located behind our hotel, to inform them of our occupation. Due to the layout of the building(s), which includes an inter-connecting corridor between the offices and hotel, it was effectively explained to them, with title plans and legal notice included. In summary which part of the building they still had possession of, and which part they had recently lost to us.
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Cardiff: Video Communique from the Gremlins

Gremlin Alley Social Centre, Cardiff (Wales):

Cardiff: Social Centre update from the Gremlins

We the Gremlins (currently squatters of Gremlin Alley) will be re-opening our social centre to the community later this week. After a thorough clean up, re-organising our space and lots of hard work, we are pleased to announce that we will be going back to ‘business as usual’. There will additionally be a video communique to be released tomorrow regarding the on going resistance to keep the space.

We also now have a social centre phone – 07967 249310 – for anyone to directly communicate with us. To be included in our phone tree for eviction alert, upcoming events and gremlin news, please text us with ‘Add me up’.

We’d like to thank everyone for their incredible support so far, included but not limited to; anarchists, activists, travellers, artists, neighbours, local businesses, visitors and of course our close friends. The response from those in and around the City Road area has been truly remarkable; as police continue to ignore us and bailiffs plan their future attempt to evict us. [Read More]

Cardiff: Red and Black Umbrella Social Center, 1 Year Anniversary Halloween Bash!

On the 30th of October 2011, a group of people entered the tredegar hotel in adamsdown with the intention of creating a social centre, from this action and a chance trip by a bin the red and black umbrella was found.

Nearly one year on, and to the group’s amazement, the red and black umbrella remains a part of the radical community in cardiff. There have been ups and downs, highs and lows, periods of unrelenting action and crippling stagnation, but it is what it is and we want to celebrate that with you.

So @ 7.00pm Friday 2nd November we’ll be throwing a one year halloween birthday bash. It’ll be a dark night, it’ll be a spooky night, you better not go in the basement! There’ll be some acoustic music (acts TBC) and much more! [Read More]