Cardiff (Wales): The Red and Black Umbrella Collective invite you to their festive Two Year Anniversary

If you’re organised enough to carry ’round a diary (I am definitely not) penciling in the
1st AND 2nd of November is highly advisable as it will see our first festival!

two day event ending on the 2nd November to celebrate 2 YEARS of the occupied building in Cardiff. Easy enough to remember, right?

Beginning as a vague plan to host an Anarcho-Folk festival in Cardiff; the event has now evolved into a two day celebration of the ‘Brolly.
The space it has provided us has been invaluable to many, so we invite anyone and everybody who has shared the space with us to come, in particular any guests we have had to stay, musicians who’ve played and individuals who’ve led any lessons or workshops. Please come and celebrate with us! [Read More]

Cardiff: Red and Black Umbrella Social Center, 1 Year Anniversary Halloween Bash!

On the 30th of October 2011, a group of people entered the tredegar hotel in adamsdown with the intention of creating a social centre, from this action and a chance trip by a bin the red and black umbrella was found.

Nearly one year on, and to the group’s amazement, the red and black umbrella remains a part of the radical community in cardiff. There have been ups and downs, highs and lows, periods of unrelenting action and crippling stagnation, but it is what it is and we want to celebrate that with you.

So @ 7.00pm Friday 2nd November we’ll be throwing a one year halloween birthday bash. It’ll be a dark night, it’ll be a spooky night, you better not go in the basement! There’ll be some acoustic music (acts TBC) and much more! [Read More]

Cardiff, Anarchist Social Centre

We are the Red and Black Umbrella Collective, a group of anarchists based in Cardiff, Wales, squatting an old pub on Clifton Street. Since the end of October 2011 we’ve worked hard to restore the derelict building and have opened our doors for gigs, workshops, film nights, people’s kitchen, prisoner support letter writing and language lessons. The social centre includes an info shop, free shop, radical library and bike workshop. This is just the beginning, and there is much more to come in the autumn of this year.

We’ve had the police and landlord break in illegally, as well as visits from the fire fighters, arson police and South Wales Echo, who we told to fuck off because they’re a reactionary right wing newspaper. Despite all this, somehow we’re still here, and we intend to be here as long as possible. [Read More]

Wales: Government Building Squatted in Cardiff

The spirit of occupation is spreading throughout Cardiff as it was announced today that a group calling themselves The Great Tax Invasion have ‘occupied’ the old Inland Revenue Offices on Westgate Street, in the city centre.
Activists started squatting in the building earlier this week saying their aim is to raise awareness of the amount of empty buildings which they feel should be made available to the benefit of the community. The occupation was announced with a banner drop while Food Not Bombs South Wales provided vegan soup to people outside the building.
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Cardiff: The Red and Black Umbrella, new Social Centre

It’s new! It’s free! It’s in Cardiff!
The flyer reads:
You may have noticed we’ve moved into the old Tredegar Hotel [on Clifton Street], so we thought we’d introduce ourselves. We are the Red and Black Umbrella Collective and intend on turning the abandoned pub into a social centre. We believe people should come before profit. We are sick of government cuts that affect us while MPs and bankers get richer. David Cameron wanted a big society and we’re going to give him one. We are currently renovating the pub and want to provide a cultural hub for the local community… [Read More]

Cardiff: New Squatted Social Centre

For the last week Cardiff has seen a new squatted social centre, an old derelict pub turned into life and happiness with numerous people and projects setting up. The old abandoned building has been empty for years in a run-down neglected area of Cardiff. The residents intend to open it up for use by all radicals and locals. The support has already been great and the first fund raising gig was held on Sunday.
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