Cardiff, Anarchist Social Centre

We are the Red and Black Umbrella Collective, a group of anarchists based in Cardiff, Wales, squatting an old pub on Clifton Street. Since the end of October 2011 we’ve worked hard to restore the derelict building and have opened our doors for gigs, workshops, film nights, people’s kitchen, prisoner support letter writing and language lessons. The social centre includes an info shop, free shop, radical library and bike workshop. This is just the beginning, and there is much more to come in the autumn of this year.

We’ve had the police and landlord break in illegally, as well as visits from the fire fighters, arson police and South Wales Echo, who we told to fuck off because they’re a reactionary right wing newspaper. Despite all this, somehow we’re still here, and we intend to be here as long as possible.

The reaction to our presence on Clifton Street has been almost all positive. There is a strong sense of community on this street, and people seem to understand what we’re about. Nobody wants yuppie flats, and this pub closed down because of violence and drugs, these things offer nothing to the community and we are creating a space for a positive alternative.

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Red and black umbrella
Social centre Cardiff