France: Warning on the ZAD?

From the outcomes of the court trials in September and October, the situation had seemed clear:

The houses under the jurisdiction of Nantes who presented a defence (Le Rosier, La Sècherie, La Saulce) have a delay until November, while those that were not defended (Saint-Jean du Tertre, Le Pré Failli, L’Après Faillite) are evictable as of the 9th January. Houses under the jurisdiction of Saint-Nazaire (Les Planchettes, Bel Air, La Gaité, Le Tertre) are, in contrast, entitled to the winter truce (until 15th March). The judge acknowledged the absence of break and entry and found that “[the buildings] and their occupants are not at risk and [the properties] are not intended for immediate use.” As for the occupied land without surveyed and registered houses, no procedure is in progress, which doesn’t mean they’re not threatened with eviction!

However, since early January 2012, it feels like things are heating up: passing helicopters, constant rotation of police patrols and even a civil “crisis management” team! Worse, the bailiffs went Les Planchettes, in Bel Air, la Gaité and le Tertre to give the command to leave, “if necessary with the assistance of the Police Force, a locksmith and removal men». Thus our small legal victory (it is very rare for a judge to grant the winter truce to squatters) seems to be questioned. This visit from the bailiffs gives no acknowledgement to the truce granted. It is feared that the Prefecture, probably under the pressure from Vinci, would also violate the judge’s decision by getting involved in evictions before March, even if it’s illegal.

We invite you to contact the Prefecture to remind them of the rules (ha ha!) on 02 40 21 20 40 from within France or +33 2 40 21 20 40 from outside France.

In the absence of any certainty about the date of eviction we are standing ready and invite you to do the same. We will launch a call for support when the time comes and your help, on the ZAD or elsewhere, will be welcome and valuable! And meanwhile, life still goes on here, don’t hesitate to visit us, meet us and get to know the land better.

Against the airport and its world: active solidarity!

[published on the ZAD website]