Prague: Squat Milada being evicted now!!

Security agency and police are evicting the squat, two persons have been injured, around seven squatters are barricaded on the roof.

In Bratislava, SK, a demonstration will be held at 15.30 in front of the Czech embassy.

Prague: All remaining squatters left the roof

At around 18:00, the minister for human rights and ethnical minorities arrived on site and negotiations started. Two resisting squatters then came down and the minister promissed, that he will try to find a solution and that the negotiations will continue, he gave nothing concrete. Well, he will leave his office in three months time!

Now, after this decision to go for negotiations, let’s see how the movement around our only autonomous space will develop and cultivate the taste for freedom! Keep the pressure!



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Prague: In the September of this year we would like to occupy a house in Prague…

In the September of this year we would like to occupy a house in Prague that haven’t been used for a long time, to open it for various activities and as a housing for those, who can’t afford , or don’t want, to pay unsuitable high rents. By various activities we mean organizing of concerts, dance parties, keeping of ateliers, projection of films, theatre performances, workshops and discussions, meetings of various collectives, shared dinners. The program of this center also depends on inhabitants of specific location- we would like to cooperate with our neighbors and take in account their needs and wishes. Brightening up dead house and bringing into the district it stays in something new, something that doesn’t smell by whimpering for a contribution from public or European funds or by advert and profit-mad. We would like to make a proposal of a free alternative. And we want everybody to have a gain from it. We think of Ungdomshuset, we think of Køpi and of Rozbrat too- and we know that we will get into a conflict with the law. The usage of an extrinsic property is a criminal act- it is almost like a steal. We don’t fear to take something that is for long time falling into disrepair and that waits to be used in future for speculations. The world in which rich rather throw away full plate than risk that poor one would take a bit from it it’s mad. Except a strong example of the less-developed world, it’s also in the “rich countries” that the differences between poor and rich are getting bigger (and because of crises it will still grow). There where on the one side is plenty, on the other penury must be growing. Politicians are doing so much to help to the interests of the privileged ones and protect them from the poor “pack”. Our voted representatives know very knowledgeable that a profit can be gain from anything and the best is to get it from basic human needs. This world, in which the public interest is being conformed to a violent logic of business, doesn’t have right to be called fair. We don’t accept morality of a saint private properties. We would never rob somebody who would be suffering because of it. Developers,investors and coorporations interested in speculations will never be suffering. We live in a strange world where everything is countable to money, the world in which we must live by rules that we consider to be nonsenses, and from the point of wiew of someone who have nothing they realy are wihout a sence.These rules are reasonable just for those who don’t know by their cupidity what else they might want and how to protect what they already have. We don’t want to have something common with the money or those witch rule them. We don’t want to be employees, we don’t want to exchange our time and energy for these ridiculous papers, we don’t want to live in a boring frustration. However, we don’t fear to work. We want to repair a house that we are going to occupie, we want to cultivate an area around and we want to create a place for a dignity life and for selfrealization. We want to create a place that will funcion differently compared to outer world (selforganization, no hierarchy, collective decisions) and that will be bringing something different (noncomercial culture, space for free selfrealization, wide spectrum of activities depending on actual needs) We, who did not choose this world for our life, deeply disagree with the way how it is working and where it is going, we fight for the space that we will create accordnig to our visions and dreams. Join us! The begining of the occupation is planned for the 12th of September 2009. We will be glad if you join us. Help us to squat the house and to defend it from everyone who would want to take it from us. Participate actively from the begining of its functioning: organize collective cooking, use your knowlege and repair the house whith us, come and play whith your band, exhibit your art works, play a theatre performace here! Do a benefit before the occupation, do a street art that informs about the action. Success of this project is dependent also on you. Contact us at an email adress whith your ideas!





Amsterdam: Call out for action days against upcoming eviction wave

*They come with the wave, we come with tsunami!!* *Action days against the upcoming eviction wave: * 22th June – 7th July* CREATE YOUR STRUGGLE* A call for actions all across the city! The upcoming massive eviction wave will kick around 100 people out on the streets and once again close utonomous social centers which are stages for free and open political and cultural activities.So get together with your friends and neighbours and be creative. Get out on the streets and be visible. Bring your living room, kitchen or toilet to the street in protest against bullshit government policies. Give workshops, present your projects to the public, decorate your chosen owners office or a cop station with some colourful paint (an “arrestatie groep” can be arranged when needed…)..We must fight the evictions and we must fight them united! Amsterdam has been asleep for too long. We cannot go on being divided, isolated and prejudiced against each other. It’s time to change this once and for all. So let’s stop just talking about it.. Let’s stand up and start acting!

Pass by SCUB to get updated and update others. Exchange ideas, share your knowledge and experiences, prepare your actions, pick up flyers to spread anywhere and everywhere (squats, streets, performances, various hannukkah parties..).

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London: Location for London FreeSchool Announced…

The London FreeSchool began occupying 161 Commercial Street. There will be various workshops and discussions held there over this weekend on ‘Squatting, Housing & Gentrification’. The event begins at 10am Friday 19th June so feel free to pop in anytime from then onwards. For more information see the website

The building can be found at 161 Commercial Street, E1 2DA, near the Shoreditch High Street junction. Nearest tube station Liverpool Street. Buses 8, 26, 35, 42, 47, 48, 67, 78, 135, 149, 242, 344, 388.

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Palestine: 13th july 2009, international day of actions against house evictions and demolitions




Tents have become a powerful symbol of the struggle of Palestinian people living in occupied East Jerusalem. They have been set up as centres of protest in neighbourhoods threatened by numerous eviction and demolition orders, part of Israel’s wider policy to ethnically cleanse Jerusalem of its Palestinian population.
Ultimately this would destroy any hope of East Jerusalem becoming the capital of a future Palestinian state. A number of the tents, notably the one in Sheikh Jarrah, have been built by Palestinian residents forcibly evicted from their homes as a result of Israel’s racist policy. Palestinians, who became refugees in 1948 & 1967 are, once again, facing dispossession from their homes and land as our governments stand by and do nothing.

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Berlin: Schwarzer Kanal received an eviction date for 31/12/2009

Wagenplatz Schwarzer Kanal is an open community project, run not only by the people who live there, but by a wider community who use it for events, workshops, art, film evenings, bike fixing, concerts, Vöku, cabaret or as base for political actions… and! For that we have a big stage area, a wagen for hosting workshops, an open air cinema, a community kitchen wagen, a bike workshop wagen, a fire and bar area…..

The schwarzer kanal has received an eviction date for 31.12.2009. This has come from the owners of the land Hoch Tief, who say that they need all of the land we occupy to start a huge building project and for the access roads to the site. Hoch Tief claim that they dont want to start the building project so soon, but unless they start the developement in 2010 they will have to pay a large fine to the building regulators (BIMA). Over the last few years, our location in the Media spree development zone in central Berlin has put us in the firing line of an invasion of big companies, and the gentrification of Kreutzberg-Mitte. However this is the first time we have recieved a concrete eviction date. Schwarzer Kanal is mobilising to resist, and maintain our unique status as a queer political and cultural wagenplatz. Schwarzer kanal is incomparable to just another concrete box. Help us to resist this eviction! For information and updates join our email list:

send an email to schwarzerkanal[AAA] with the heading “verteiler”

Further information and updates to follow!

Schwarzer Kanal bleibt!

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Bristol: Callout for 2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009

As the global economy grinds to a halt so too do the big capital development projects, luxury apartment blocks and shopping complexes that have threatened us with displacement for so long.

Meanwhile, this new round of crisis capitalism leaves thousands out of work, buried in debt and facing immanent home repossession. Instead of housing the homeless in these empties or canceling the debts of millions governments pump billions into the banks to save this rotten system and violently repress those that resist. [Read More]