Berlin: Schwarzer Kanal received an eviction date for 31/12/2009

Wagenplatz Schwarzer Kanal is an open community project, run not only by the people who live there, but by a wider community who use it for events, workshops, art, film evenings, bike fixing, concerts, Vöku, cabaret or as base for political actions… and! For that we have a big stage area, a wagen for hosting workshops, an open air cinema, a community kitchen wagen, a bike workshop wagen, a fire and bar area…..

The schwarzer kanal has received an eviction date for 31.12.2009. This has come from the owners of the land Hoch Tief, who say that they need all of the land we occupy to start a huge building project and for the access roads to the site. Hoch Tief claim that they dont want to start the building project so soon, but unless they start the developement in 2010 they will have to pay a large fine to the building regulators (BIMA). Over the last few years, our location in the Media spree development zone in central Berlin has put us in the firing line of an invasion of big companies, and the gentrification of Kreutzberg-Mitte. However this is the first time we have recieved a concrete eviction date. Schwarzer Kanal is mobilising to resist, and maintain our unique status as a queer political and cultural wagenplatz. Schwarzer kanal is incomparable to just another concrete box. Help us to resist this eviction! For information and updates join our email list:

send an email to schwarzerkanal[AAA] with the heading “verteiler”

Further information and updates to follow!

Schwarzer Kanal bleibt!

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