London: Location for London FreeSchool Announced…

The London FreeSchool began occupying 161 Commercial Street. There will be various workshops and discussions held there over this weekend on ‘Squatting, Housing & Gentrification’. The event begins at 10am Friday 19th June so feel free to pop in anytime from then onwards. For more information see the website

The building can be found at 161 Commercial Street, E1 2DA, near the Shoreditch High Street junction. Nearest tube station Liverpool Street. Buses 8, 26, 35, 42, 47, 48, 67, 78, 135, 149, 242, 344, 388.

Timetable for the weekend;  Friday 19th June

10am – 4pm the beginnings of plumbing; getting water to the bathroom, fitting a toilet and a sink

10am – 4pm electricity; assessing the current situation, making a plan and sorting out lighting

4-6pm Welcoming tour

6-7.30pm Claiming Housing Benefits

6-7.30pm Tenant’s rights

7:30-8:30 dinner

8.30-10pm The law is an ASS (squatting laws)

Saturday 20th June

10am onwards working on the building; cleaning/fixing /decorating… 10am – 1pm work on the electricity around the space, fitting lights and sockets

1-3:30 pm work on the basement; tidying, decorating, building tables and generally making it nice

1-2.30pm Rant session on the property bubble

2-3.30pm Housing Coop

3-4.30pm DCH Council Flat Occupation

3:30-7pm continue plumbing / electricity and sorting out a cinema space

5-6.30pm Tenants Rights

7-8pm Dinner

8pm onwards: Movies!!

Sunday 21st June

10am onwards working on the building; cleaning/fixing up/decorating

1-2:30pm Anarchy, Gender and Living Space

3-4.30pm Save Queens Market campaign

5-6.30pm Squats stories

7-8 Dinner

8-9pm Planning session for squats + autonomous days of actions

Other workshops to be confirmed…

the history of squatting

dealing with police/bailiffs/owner/electricity company etc.

mobile sound systems


London FreeSchool