Spain: Cops arrest 11, raid anarchist Social Centres. 16+ solidarity demos already


 [Barcelona-Madrid] Operation of the High Court against the Catalan and Spanish libertarian movement  (in Catalan below) pre riot strolling#OperacionPandora to criminalise anarchist social movements.

b49amiliiaax_3t.jpg-large_0    [Barcelona-Madrid] #OperacionPandora by the neo fascist PP controlled High Court against the Catalan and Spanish libertarian movement

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Madrid: Police academy & gear shop attacked in solidarity with La Gatonera


Translation of communique from Contra Info:

Early on Thursday, November 6th, a police and Guardia Civil academy was attacked with stones in the area of Legazpi (Madrid). A message was written: “No eviction unanswered. La Gato resists.”

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Madrid: Anarchist squat La Gatonera evicted

Madrid: Anarchist squat La Gatonera evicted

In the early morning of October 27th, 2014, the squatted social centre La Gatonera in Madrid was evicted. We send strength to the comrades; nothing is finished.

Below is their communiqué (translation from Contra Info) from the day of eviction:

The State orders, the Press targets and the police evicts La Gatonera: this is how this story begins once again, that far from being a novelty, ends up being a suspicious routine. A disgusting routine that, by force of repression and fear, gradually makes an entire movement and a whole history of anarchist struggle get accustomed to having this sensation, which has become way too normalized, in its interior. The importance of so many generations that have striven, each one for years, to demonstrate that another life is possible, that there is an option outside the system in which we live, that they target us because we no longer want to be part of their miseries and because we seek to be able to manage our lives. [Read More]

Madrid: Fierce Resistance as nazi MSR opens ‘white Spanish only’ occupied center.

Tetuan demo

Series of big anti-nazi demos against fascist squatters…   Anti- fascists seize ‘white Spanish only’ food stall and distribute to all..   Fascist squatters may have owners permission… Squatters movement disowns fascist squat… Police turn blind eye to nazi ”okupas” in Tetuan barrio….   Fascist thugs from MSR squat injure local youths..  Media equates nazi’ Social Home’ with long existing popular and anti racist Squat center ‘La Enrededera’ to demand its eviction.

Thousands of neighbours have come out against the nazi squat.

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Madrid: Police threaten to evict the anarchist squat La Gatonera


We received a notification from the police, threatening once again to evict the social centre if the concert takes place on January 5th, 2014.

The door was forced but they didn’t enter the squat.
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New York: Solidarity with Casablanca


Today at noon activists in solidarity with the struggle to reclaim Casablanca Social Center in Madrid gathered in front of the Spanish Consulate on East 58th Street in Manhattan, New York City.
Met by a squad of police, the activists engaged passersby and members of the Spanish Consulate on their lunch break. After an hour the activists made an attempt to enter the premises but were told thet they were barred from the building! Our lawyer attempted to negotiate … but we were told we would be arrested if we persisted …
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Madrid: CSOA Casablanca evicted


Communique from the Casablanca Assembly immediately after the eviction Wednesday September 19, 2012

Today, at 7 am, the police have forcibly evicted without notice the squatted and self-managed social center Casablanca, situated at calle Santa Isabel 21-23, in Madrid, Spain.

This was totally illegal eviction. A magistrate’s court and the Provincial Court of Madrid firm filed the criminal case started building ownership. It is illegal to reopen the case, and it is illegal we have not been notified of the decision to evict.
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Collado Villalba, Madrid (Spain): Communiqué by “CSO La Fábrika” about the recent fascist attacks in Sierra de Guadarrama


During the last two months (July and August), at least five fascist attacks have been carried out against the CSO La Fábrika (Squatted Social Center “The Factory”), at dawn as always. The first one  consisted of threatening slogans signed with Nazi symbols and the slogan “Alpedrete resists” (a nearby village, where many fascists meet). Only two weeks later, a group of strangers tried to set fire to the social centre, but did it in such a clumsy way that the fire itself melted a water pipe which finished with both the arson and the hopes of the wannabe terrorists.

After this failed attack, that could have been felt not only by the social centre but also by the lives of our neighbors and the surrounding forest, measures were taken by the Assembly. [Read More]

Madrid: Call for international solidarity with La Casika


Letter from La Casika C.S.O.A. – Call for international support

La Casika is a squatted, self-managed social center in existence for 14 years. During these years, numerous collectives of various types (ecologist, feminist, collectives that defend animal rights, antifascist, anticapitalist, neighborhood movements, educational, cultural…) have felt that this space is theirs, forming part of it, using and developing a range of activities: lectures, educational workshops, music, film, and theater festivals, art expositions, debates….the diversity and quantity of activities developed at La Casika, have made it into a cultural, social, and political reference point not only for Mostoles, but also for the rest of Madrid and the State, and has provided our town with a meeting point for reflection and alternative action, where the values of the capitalist system have been overcome by self-management. [Read More]

Madrid: Welcome to the Hotel Ocupa


Back in Madrid after a month in the USA, I find the indignados of the 15M movement have just taken a building nearby. The Hotel Madrid, at 10 calle Carretas is a long-abandoned former Best Western hotel. Now it is swarming with folks coming around to see what is up. The hotel is steps away from the Puerta del Sol, the center of Madrid and site of the original encampment of May 15th, 2011 that launched the Spanish movement which is the big sister of Occupy Wall Street.
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Madrid: El Patio Maravillas has been evicted

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Police in the spanish capital have moved against El Patio Maravillas, a building which has been occupied by squatters since 2007, “Typically Spanish” reports:

A similar action last year failed because of public resistance. What accounts for the difference this year, I don’t know.

The squat apparently was a popular and busy cultural center, but people who lived nearby on Calle del Acuerdo in the university neighborhood called Malasa? routinely complained about noise.

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Alcorcón, Madrid: Demonstration supporting CSO Eskuela Taller, the squatters and occupied spaces

Video-chronicle by La Plataforma

Last february 24th, 2007, 1000 people participated in a demonstration for the defense of the CSO Eskuela Taller and the squatters and ocuppied spaces. The mobilization claimed self-organization, self-management, and autonomy as fighting weapons against institutional repression and capitalism.

Video and music produced by La Plataforma:

Watch video:

Download video in high quality:[Indymedia]_(2007-02-26)_La_Plataforma_alkorcon.okupado.avi

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Watch photo galery of the demonstration:

La Plataforma