Florence: Corsica social centre eviction in progress. Resistance on the roof, solidarity rally in the street.

In Florence eviction in progress of the squat “Viale Corsica 81”, living space and anarchist social center.

At dawn, the Digos executed the preventive seizure of the occupied property on Ponte di Mezzo Street. The neighborhood is filled with riot cops, soldiers of the Guardia di Finanza and carabinieri. Corsica 81, squatted in 2012, was evicted last year from the homonymous street, then reopened at 32 Ponte di Mezzo street where today the new police eviction took place and which is not yet finished: two people are actually on the roof, the solidarity rally in the street was violently pushed back by the police in riot gear. The resistance, however, continues: at 5 p.m., gathering in the nearby gardens of Via Mariti in Florence. [Read More]

Florence: a week of resistance on the roof of the Corsica 81 squat, “lift the siege of our neighborhood”

The occupation of the building of Viale Corsica 81 in Florence continues and resists. After the eviction on 15 March, on 5 April, the social centre in Rifredi was reoccupied, with some people now on the roof for 7 days.
There is a permanent solidarity gathering in the street, but also a constant presence of the police. However, the neighborhood responded with solidarity for the occupiers, despite the militarization of the streets. Some residents of Viale Corsica also passed on a message in which they explained that they welcomed the return of the occupants. “They came back and we are happy. They returned to the abandoned building of Viale Corsica 81, after the eviction that had left us with enormous sadness, they returned and left us alone, we left them alone. We used to see this building full of life. Lift the siege of our neighborhood. » [Read More]

Florence: resquatted… the building of Viale Corsica 81 was again evicted

The new occupation of the building of Viale Corsica 81 in the Rifredi district of Florence lasted less than 24 hours. After almost ten years, the building was evicted in mid-March 2022 and then occupied again this morning.

Statement of the activists on their networks: “Today we reopened the squat of Viale Corsica 81″… “We have freed the building from its chains that have hampered him for the past three weeks.”

But hours after the police sealed on March 15, police arrived at the scene, pushing back those present and closing off the area. Inside, three comrades resisted and managed to climb onto the roof where a banner was unfurled with the words “Not for us but for everyone, occupy and resist”. [Read More]

Florence: “Corsica 81 is everywhere”. After the evictions, the rebellious city responds with new openings

In Florence, they responded with 4 new openings following the eviction of Tuesday, March 15 against the squat of Viale Corsica 81.

Squat opened in November 2012 and attacked by the police, who first lured comrades to another part of the city with a surprise eviction, then showed up in force in front of Viale Corsica.
After Monday’s day of mobilization and resistance, this morning – Tuesday, March 16 – activists squatted 4 new buildings. A demonstration for the right to housing is announced in Florence on Saturday, March 19, the time and meeting point are still to be announced. [Read More]

Florence: resistance during the eviction of the Corsica 81 squat

There will be resistance on one of the roofs of Viale Corsica 81 in case of eviction since this morning in Florence.

The building, which previously housed a company’s offices and laboratories, was squatted in November 2012. This morning, when news of the eviction spread, several dozen activists gathered in the neighborhood and marched through the streets in a spontaneous demonstration, now over, blocking traffic in the Piazza Dalmazia neighborhood. The protesters then returned to the building to support the rooftop protest, but were turned away by riot police. Everyone gathered via Benedetto Dei for a demo in the streets of the city. [Read More]

Florence: house arrests, check-in at the cops, following the events of October 30

At dawn on Wednesday, February 3, the Florence police deployed a vast repressive operation against anarchist comrades, in connection with the demonstrations of October 30, when hundreds of people took to the streets of the Tuscan capital against the lack of economic and social responses to the crisis generated by the Covid19 pandemic.

37 suspects in total, 20 searches carried out, some of them inside the squat of Viale Corsica, 81. 7 people are under house arrest, 7 others are obliged to stay with a ban on moving away from their home from 8pm to 7am, and 5 have an obligation to check-in at the cops. The alleged crimes, for various reasons, include damage to public and private property, resistance, violence and injury to public officials, manufacture and launching of incendiary devices. As a first response of solidarity, in the morning there was a demonstration in Piazza Indipendenza, and at 6 p.m. there will be a rally at the squat of Viale Corsica. [Read More]