Florence: “Corsica 81 is everywhere”. After the evictions, the rebellious city responds with new openings

In Florence, they responded with 4 new openings following the eviction of Tuesday, March 15 against the squat of Viale Corsica 81.

Squat opened in November 2012 and attacked by the police, who first lured comrades to another part of the city with a surprise eviction, then showed up in force in front of Viale Corsica.
After Monday’s day of mobilization and resistance, this morning – Tuesday, March 16 – activists squatted 4 new buildings. A demonstration for the right to housing is announced in Florence on Saturday, March 19, the time and meeting point are still to be announced.

Occupazione Corsica
Viale Corsica 81
Florence, Italy
infosciop [at] inventati [dot] org

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