Florence: a week of resistance on the roof of the Corsica 81 squat, “lift the siege of our neighborhood”

The occupation of the building of Viale Corsica 81 in Florence continues and resists. After the eviction on 15 March, on 5 April, the social centre in Rifredi was reoccupied, with some people now on the roof for 7 days.
There is a permanent solidarity gathering in the street, but also a constant presence of the police. However, the neighborhood responded with solidarity for the occupiers, despite the militarization of the streets. Some residents of Viale Corsica also passed on a message in which they explained that they welcomed the return of the occupants. “They came back and we are happy. They returned to the abandoned building of Viale Corsica 81, after the eviction that had left us with enormous sadness, they returned and left us alone, we left them alone. We used to see this building full of life. Lift the siege of our neighborhood. »

Occupazione Corsica
Viale Corsica 81
Florence, Italy
infosciop [at] inventati [dot] org

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