Florence: Corsica social centre eviction in progress. Resistance on the roof, solidarity rally in the street.

In Florence eviction in progress of the squat “Viale Corsica 81”, living space and anarchist social center.

At dawn, the Digos executed the preventive seizure of the occupied property on Ponte di Mezzo Street. The neighborhood is filled with riot cops, soldiers of the Guardia di Finanza and carabinieri. Corsica 81, squatted in 2012, was evicted last year from the homonymous street, then reopened at 32 Ponte di Mezzo street where today the new police eviction took place and which is not yet finished: two people are actually on the roof, the solidarity rally in the street was violently pushed back by the police in riot gear. The resistance, however, continues: at 5 p.m., gathering in the nearby gardens of Via Mariti in Florence.

Updated Wednesday, August 9

Several dozen anarchists gathered in front of the Florence courthouse where the trial of a 30-year-old Albanian man arrested yesterday during the eviction of the occupied building on Via Ponte di Mezzo in Florence is underway. I put up a banner near the entrance to the courthouse with the words “Florence is not sold, but inhabited, fought and defended. No to evictions, Viale Corsica resists. 10, 100, 1000 new squats”. The protesters explain that they will remain until the end of the trial of the 30-year-old man accused of resisting and injuring an official following some disorder by the anarchists during the eviction of the building, on the roof of which there are still two people since yesterday.

Occupazione Corsica
Florence, Italy
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