Barcelona: Third Statement of El Banc

We’ll try to enter again
May 27, 2016

Whatever might be said by the City Council about this conflict, it does not take place between private parts, it is a conflict between two ways of living: those who want a common life and to relate through mutual support networks, produced among equals, and those who defend private property – regardless of its use – and the supremacy of some over others.
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Barcelona: Second statement of El Banc

[May26] These days are being very intense and this is why we’re having difficulties to spread informations as a collective. Within our capacities, we will add more detail to our version of the facts of these last few days and also our opinion on many aspects of the conflict that is taking place.

First of all, we would like to thank all the people that moved from solidarity to explicit engagement with the project of El Banc Expropiat.
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Barcelona: 3 CanVies Defenders declared Innocent of Attack on Police

we-are-can-viesVICTORY. The sentence condemning three young defenders of Can Vies to 3.5 years in prison has been revoked #EfecteCanVies (en español abajo)

Now the Provincial Court of Barcelona has had to revoke the sentence and absolve them  of all charges.

The police wanted revenge after losing the amazing 4 day resistance and street battles against the eviction and wanted to lock up 84 arrested. These three were accused by police witnesses of throwing bottles from a rooftop , later the alternative paper ‘Directa’ proved the identification was absurd as there was no vision from where the police were. [Read More]

Makassar, Indonesia: Squatted district Pandang Raya is evicted after clashes

Pandang Raya (Makassar) has been demolished to the ground. Friday 12 September, at 5 o’clock in the morning. Pandang Raya inhabitants and other rebels, build a barricade across the street with wood, tires, and rocks. At 6am, there’s appearance of pigs without uniform watching the blockade. Two of them watching the blockade close by. About an hour more, police vehicles filled with 600 pigs in uniform, including 365 the notorious Brimob (special police–my ass). Not long after that the battle began: Pandang Raya combatants throw molotovs, rocks, and other traditional weapon (such as arrows). [Read More]

Calais: Fascists mobilise against squatters. International call-out for support and solidarity


Tomorrow, Friday 21st Feb, fascists have called a day and evening demonstration outside a new squat in Coulogne. This is the accumulation of five days of heavy fascist activity in the Calais area.

In the last few months a racist anti-migrant group, ‘Sauvons Calais’ have mobilised in Calais to ‘defend Calais from migrants’. Last week people squatted a farm house in Coulogne and since Sunday evening groups of up to 50 fascists and angry neighbours have had almost a constant presence outside the building.

The fascist’s actions this week have ranged from shouting insults at the people inside, throwing rocks, fireworks and standing there for hours on end. At 7am on Tuesday morning three fascists, who had been out drinking all night tried to break into the squat with a sledge hammer. Two of them were arrested. Members of the demonstration have also been recorded making death threats against migrants. [Read More]

Ham­bach fo­rest (Germany): New forest under direct threat of eviction

10/10/2013 Ham­ba­cher Forst – For the se­cond time in one month the po­li­ce has been at­ta­cking the camp. Guar­ded by riot cops a fly­ing squat of RWE wor­kers equip­ped with chain­saws and a bull­do­zer en­t­e­red the pro­test site. Wi­thout ques­tio­ning the order that had been given to them they pus­hed for­ward the de­struc­tion of the pla­net we‘re all li­ving on, hel­ping to erase one of the ol­dest fo­rests in Eu­ro­pe. The huge bull­do­zer just squee­zed ever­y­thing in front of it: young trees, an­thills and wasp’s nests as well as rare blue shi­ning mushrooms which have been growing on some bar­ri­ca­des were de­s­troy­ed by this huge tech­no­lo­gi­cal mons­ter. Ever­y­thing re­sis­ting was chop­ped to pie­ces. They left not­hing but an aisle of de­struc­tion be­hind. [Read More]

Eviction of new “Legal” Squat in Calais.

On Wednesday morning banners were dropped from a disused building belonging to the State on Rue de Quatre Coins reading ‘A Roof is a Right’ and ‘This is a legal squat’. The building had been occupied for many days beforehand, although clandestinely, and being safely past the 48 hour point, after which the police cannot enter or evict without a court order by French law, the occupants decided to make their occupation public. Police Nationale arrived shortly after but then left again to return with more police, but did not try to enter seemingly understanding their legal position and respecting the rights of those inside. A representative from the town hall also showed up, as well as a police forensics technician, who both took pictures of the door (and the legal notice that had been taped to it) but did not find anything to have been damaged and left again.

However, the next day at 7:30 AM around thirty PAF arrived and forced entry into the building by breaking the front door and climbing in an upper story window. Three people who were inside were arrested and taken to Coquelle, where they were held without food for ten hours, but then released without any charge or summons despite refusing to cooperate with police or identify themselves.

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Calais: Squat eviction resisted

A new squat near the post office resisted attempts to evict occupants several times today (Feb. 20th 2013 – s!n). The squat is owned by the city, in the morning a city worker attempted enter the building, but was unable to unlock the door. Later in the day a second attempt was made by a locksmith, accompanied by a Police Nationale, but again they were not able to get in.

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London (UK): Eviction resistance in Pimlico and Camden to kick off 2013

January 4th: Pimlico 

Well, well, well. 2013 arrived and with what style! The first week of the year kicked off with an EPIC 8 hour standoff between the forces of darkness and the resistance. A building owned by the crown estate, one of wealthiest property hoarders of the UK, was scheduled for eviction at 10.00am last Fri. However, as the property is awaiting planning permission (so it can be part-demolished and turned into – you guessed it! -Luxury flats!) the occupants saw no reason why they should be forced out onto the streets prematurely. A large group gathered in solidarity and there was a very fine display of resistance from all. Although the property was finally cleared, it took the forces of darkness pretty much the whole day to carry out their wrong doing. Several people were tweeting the action live as it happened; here are a few choice tweets/pics! Massive bigup’s to all those involved. [Read More]

Notre-Dame-des-Landes (France): About evictions and current resistance

From tuesday morning (16th of october), the ZAD has been invaded and occupied 24 hours a day by hundreds of policemen. They are putting down, step by step, the occupied houses and huts. They destroy and take them away, brick by brick, out of the area to prevent us rebuilding or resisting.

Places and gardens still occupied are regularly harassed, covered with tear gas, trampled… Police try to prevent us gathering and having meetings. From tuesday, occupying people and people who joined us in the area answered back with barricades, by blocking the roads the cops use, reoccupations, throwing things, fire, insult and sarcasm… For four days now, under the rain, hundreds of people defend the area whatever it takes, against the police, and plan to stay there. Demonstrations, actions take place every night in Nantes, and other towns. And it’s not over. [Read More]