Barcelona: Second statement of El Banc

[May26] These days are being very intense and this is why we’re having difficulties to spread informations as a collective. Within our capacities, we will add more detail to our version of the facts of these last few days and also our opinion on many aspects of the conflict that is taking place.

First of all, we would like to thank all the people that moved from solidarity to explicit engagement with the project of El Banc Expropiat.

Many of you are asking in which ways they can contribute to this struggle, ranging from neighbours of Gràcia that are getting in touch with us to people from elsewhere, sometimes writing from places so far away as the combative neighbourhood of Gamonal, in Burgos.

Here’s some ideas for you:

  • Convoke all sorts of protests that could pressure those responsible of this conflict, grant more visibility to what El Banc Expropiat is or to what is happening these last few days in Vila de Gràcia.
  • Hang banderoles, banners, or posters to your balconies or windows in support to El Banc Expropiat.
  • Spread the information we publish with your nearest relational circles.
  • Participate in the pot-banging actions that are taking place are 22h from your balcony, your window or the nearest square.
  • Send us all the informations, images and videos that you consider that could be useful to us.

Who is behind this eviction?

  • Catalunya Caixa: this bailed-out bank (now absorbed by BBVA) was the owner of the space when we squatted it. If they hadn’t started the legal process to evict us, we probably would not be here today.
  • Manuel Bravo Solano: this individual is the responsible behind the current obscure network of real estate companies dedicated to speculation that legally own the space. Companies like this and people like him are responsible of the gentrification process that we are suffering in Gràcia.
  • Mossos d’Esquadra: we won’t be fooled, the violent interventions of the police are not being a response to the violent actions of the people that are protesting. It became self-evident the second day that the goal of the police is not to prevent disturbances, but instead to prevent us from re-opening El Banc Expropiat. When we manage to enter our space it it will become obvious that the disturbances are taking place because of the eviction and the later interventions by the Mossos d’Esquadra.
  • Government of the Generalitat: The Government of Junts pel Sí (CDC and ERC) are the political responsibles that command the Mossos d’Esquadra. Of the Government of the Generalitat wanted to, the police would walk away, and if they do we will be able to re-open El Banc Expropiat.
  • Media: These actors would not have the strength they have if the media wasn’t acting as a amplifier of their messages. The media manipulation of these last few days is becoming quite obvious, not only because some old footages of disturbances were used, or the desperate attempt of the journalists to find neighbours who talk badly about El Banc Expropiat, but also because of the complete silencing of police violence, notwithstanding the images, videos and testimonies that circulate through social networks in very significant terms. The fact that we don’t do press conferences doesn’t mean that the press does not have access to the huge amount of information that refutes many of the lies that individuals such as Batlle or Collboni [local TV journalists] are spreading.

Each of these actors have their share of responsibility in the conflict that we are suffering, and for this reason we invite everyone to make their role visible and to pressure them to change their attitude.

Stay tuned for more information

May 26th of 2016
Vila de Gràcia