Vienna: Pizzeria Anarchia evicted by tank

Pizzeria Anarchia was evicted today [July 28th, 2014] in Vienna. A tank was used to break in. Fotos below.

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Vienna: Resist the eviction of the Pizzeria Anarchia

Pizzeria Anarchia is a Squat in Vienna. Our house. For over 2 years we give our hopes and dreams to the Pizzeria Anarchia. [Previously on feb14 and april14 and may13 and feb13] We lived here together, sharing in our troubles and love. We’ve had discussions, workshops, community kitchen, actions and resistance against the unbearable status-quo of present day mainstream society and state. For 2 years now we have lived without a contract; we are still against entering into one. This condition is of course not accepted by Austrian law, hence an attempt to evict us will be made on 28.07.2014.

We will not leave, we will fight for our house, and we ask you to support us.
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Vienna: Cops go crazy. Three people brutally arrested. District under siege.

Yesterday, friday the 25th of april, two cops were lurking through the Mühlfeldgasse in the 2nd district of Vienna at around 20hr. Shortly afterwards a group of people was attacked by the cops in front of the Pizzeria Anarchia squat. Like almost everyday, the viennese cops terrorizing our district were carrying out a racist control.

A bunch of people, who were attending a public workshop, decided to start an intervention in solidarity. This intervention was limited to asking for the reason for the control (it was a normal control), asking for the identification number of the cops (30967) and taking photos for documentation. The police was taking the controlled person with them. We tried to enforce that a solidary person can accompany the police car or at least to find out to which the person was supposed to be taken to. [Read More]

Vienna: Eviction Resistance – Urgent Call To Action

Solidarity Call – please spread!

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Pizzeria Anarchia Urgent Call for Support and Solidarity

Pizzeria Anarchia is a squat in Vienna that exists since a bit more than two years. Now, it is in danger of being evicted pretty soon. The date given by the court for us to leave is February 5th 2014. But we will not go out. Instead, we call for a demonstration in Vienna that day and solidarity actions everywhere.
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Pizzeria Anarchia Vienna

The Pizzeria Anarchia is a house project located at the Mühlfedgasse 12 in the second district in Vienna. It exist since November 2011 and is now in danger of eviction. At that time, the two owners of the house, Avner Motaev and Nery Alaev, owners of Castella GmbH, offered a temporary use free of charge, first until March, later until June 2012. Even though they claimed to be motivated by social responsibility, it became quickly obvious that their real motivation (which they admitted in front of the judge by now) was to scare away the remaining tenants. Due to their permanent rent contracts, it was nearly impossible to displace them by juridical means, and they also couldn’t be persuaded to move out by the sabotage and intimidations made by the owners.
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Vienna: Pizzeria Anarchia in danger of eviction

The following text is about our squat in the 2nd district of Vienna called „Pizzeria Anarchia“ which is now in danger of eviction. The owners of the house are Nery Alaev and Avner Motaev, who are hiding behind their „Castella GmBH“. They offered us to move into the house for six months in November 2011 with the hidden agenda that we will kick out the old tenants. The bottom line is, that we stayed, and are now fighting together with the old tenants (which are now in fact comrades of us) against the landlords.

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